Big and Hairy

Big and Hairy

A boy moves into a new town and has difficulty making friends, so he joins the basketball team. Initially experiencing little success, his popularity increases when he convinces a Sasquatch to join the team.

A boy moves into a new town and has difficulty making friends, so he joins the basketball team. Initially experiencing little success, his popularity increases when he convinces a Sasquatch to join the team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John W (gb) wrote: I must admit that I probably wouldn't have seen Return To The Hiding Place if a friend had not invited me. But I am so glad he did. I was captivated by the opening scene and riveted to the screen all the way through to the closing credits. I can not understand after seeing it, how anyone could give this movie a negative rating.Return To The Hiding Place chronicles the true story of the young resistance fighters to the German occupation in WW2 told from Hans Poley's perspective.The acting is authentic, believable and incredibly well done, from the young students, to the Nazis', to the Jews concealed in Corrie Ten Boom's shop. I can't remember seeing a "Christian" movie this well acted with such quality of cinematography. And I have not enjoyed any Hollywood movie as much as this one in years. The close up filming gives you a feeling as if you are right there with the students and in the "Hiding place." Some of the issues the characters deal with are complex and the movie gives us a realistic look at the struggles the Dutch faced in making their decisions. I wish all teenagers could see this movie (may not be suitable for children ) to see a true story of how evil and gullible humans can be. Contrasted to the ordinary people who because of their faith sacrificed greatly, some with their own lives to save others. It is truly a moving and inspirational film. Take your teen and have a long discussion about the movie afterward.

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Grayson D (ag) wrote: One of Yimou's best from his great period, where he seemed incapable of making anything other than great films and as usual Gong Li is incredible.

Adrian Z (ag) wrote: Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke) is followed by evil spirits again, this time embodied by the ghost of the evil preacher (Julian Beck, creepily effective) who caused the haunting in the first place. When compared to the first film, definitely a case of diminishing returns, with weaker plotting, and mawkish sentimentality galore, but top notch special effects, some terrific scenes, and strong production values keep it afloat.

roger t (br) wrote: Great role for the great Burt Lancaster. Very realistic crime drama. Strongly recommended.

Lisa C (es) wrote: If you are a true Chaplin fan, than you will want to add this unique departure of "The Tramp" to your collection for sure. It's quite the "outsider" of his repertoire of films. A "dark" comedy inspired by fact (and he bought the idea from Orson Welles!), with a more downbeat ending (with a bit "preachy", albeit intelligent and thought provoking speech by him at the end, much in the vain of Great Dictator's final speech) But it is indeed quite a turn to see the Little Tramp in this perverse transformation...still with a little mustache, but more tailored with an "upper crust" air about him, a bit grey and dignified, well put together man, leading a double life of loving husband and "bluebeard" murderer. Controversial for its time and I dare say, even quite something today. The 1st half of the film is the strongest to me, with the dark humor a delicious mix.