Big Bad Wolves

Big Bad Wolves

A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings - a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.

A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt K (fr) wrote: For some reason the first view of this went over my head. All I could see were the standard Wes Anderson signature shots, dialogue, and characters. A second random viewing made me realize this is probably my favorite film of his. All of his quirks and stylistic signposts just tie down one of the best coming of age stories I think I've ever seen. Name a better one, please! One that's not only funny and heartwarming but melancholy and cynical.

Sheryl P (ag) wrote: wasn't as good as I thought it would be

Janina B (us) wrote: Einer der besseren van Damme Filme. Selbst als nicht Kriegs- und Actionfilmfan durchaus gut anschaubar.

Thas J (ca) wrote: bom filme, apesar de VAs pontuais.

Dean M (mx) wrote: Heavenly Creatures meets Natural Born Killers in this story of two misfits who cement their unnaturally close bond with an act of murder. Well-acted, but the script seems familiar and the direction is show-offishly busy.

Tony (mx) wrote: This is a really cheesy 80s teen comedy inspired loosely by "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" It's really corny, but it's funnier than most 80s teen comedies and with a lot more heart. I haven't seen it since I was in high school though so it may not be as good as I remember.

Jack G (jp) wrote: Must watch, one of my all time favorite

Drew A (it) wrote: The Story: Was a tale of rise and fall of a sadistic Roman Ruler, who destroyed everything he gained with his obsession with death and power. The film features cringe-worthy violence/sexual violence, an incestous love, and also a shakespearean Climax (no pun intended) that haunts.Sidenote: First thing first (understand), between the storyline has a lot of little breaks, featuring HARDCORE porn, [(to be fair this was produced by Penthouse) so who is really trespassing here]. Casting:Malcom McDowell - Caligula - Of course he was amazing. McDowell (young especially) is a artist at portraying an evil character, and does it with so much depth. If you see this film for any reason see it for his performance.Helen Mirren - Csonia - A character who is cold, and a temptress. Not necessarily evil, but tons of potential for her own (if it wasn't a bio-pic). Certainly a solid choice in casting.Teresa Savoy - Drusilla - Quietly a great effort, and great casting as the sweet and ignorant weakness to Caligula. She doesn't look like much at first, but as the story progresses, its hard not to get a crush on her yourself.The extra's - They were really into their parts. Great featured roles, that everyone seemed to take to heart as those Randy Romans. Cheers!Would I see this film again - Not really - But it did have some very dark scenes, that do haunt a little bit.Not at all a good movie, but not bad either.

Lawrence B (au) wrote: John Boorman's great outdoor thriller with Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox's canoe holiday turning into a nightmare, thanks to the foul play of some unfriendly locals. Fast-paced, no-nonsense and expertly staged by Boorman.

Alexandra W (es) wrote: Unfortunately, this movie is not simply Joan Crawford being evil and glamorous at every turn. Instead, it is some Tennessee Williams/All About Eve wannabe in which Joan Crawford is glamorous at every turn, but her evil is only on-again-off-again and every other character is wooden, unlikeable, and unappealing (except one, who hangs herself at the halfway mark. I probably would've, too, if I were in this movie). If we're supposed to be on anyone's side, I don't know whose it's supposed to be. And all the mystery and intrigue that we're supposed to be uncovering under the facade of Southern decorum is only slightly mysterious and almost as intriguing as a deviled egg recipe. On top of that, it is sooooooo slow-moving. All could be forgiven if it had zipped along and gotten over with in a more reasonable amount of time or if more stuff had happened so we could have edited out some of the scenes of stodgy men stomping around looking constipated and poor Cousin Crybaby-Wah-Wah fretting around looking worried and pitiful. Also, this should have been in glorious technicolor. What good is that gown on the grand staircase if we can't see it set against a blaze of red hair and huge red eyebrows? On the plus side, there's a good slapping scene. Rather unexpected, and a good, solid smack with plenty of guilt afterward.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: I've met a girlJohnny Case is a free spirit that has met the love of his life, Julia Seton. Julia has life all figured out, she'll marry a handsome fellow, he'll join the family bank, and live out a life of riches as part of her wealthy family. When Johnny sees this life, he tries to convince his bride to be that this isn't the life for him. His bride and her father try to show them the money and life he can live with this lifestyle. The only person who seems to understand him is his Julia's little sister."We're not letting this wench have you without a struggle."George Cukor, director of A Star is Born, The Philadelphia Story, Adam's Rib, My Fair Lady, The Actress, I'll be Seeing You, Let's Make Love, and Wild Is the Wind, delivers Holiday. The storyline for this picture is amazing and very compelling. The characters are so well written and presented and the acting is marvelous. The cast includes Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Doris Nolan, Lew Ayres, Edward Horton, and Henry Daniell."He and I use to swing on our knees and spit on each other."Holiday is a film I have been wanting to see for some time. Grant is one of my favorite actors and I was so excited to find that this was airing on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). This was a great film about conventional living versus free spirits. The story was so compelling and well delivered and the end was always in doubt (though once it happens it was kind of story book). Overall, this is definitely a must see picture."She's gonna get her Johnny."Grade: A

Martin T (au) wrote: Not as subversive as Sirk's better works, but I've decided that the subversion is not the real reason I like him so much. It adds an extra layer of depth, but it's really just a sideshow. The main attraction is Sirk's wonderful flair for melodrama, the way he elevates it above the usual soapiness one expects. You never feel the characters are being stupid or unreasonable. And this is a mighty fine melodrama. Tears were jerked. Hudson and Wyman are better in All That Heaven Allows, but they're wonderful here too.

Conrad T (es) wrote: 1/2 a star. Unfortunately that's the lowest rating that can be given. I am not looking for the finest details but at least the Indians during the Vikings ages should not be that glamorous. They all looked like using Revlon or Max Factor at least for sure.

George S (nl) wrote: Morton's indelible screen debut, staking her claim as Britain's most fearless actress. Powerful stuff.