Big Bear

Big Bear


  • Category:Comedy
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Joey Kern
  • Writer:Joey Kern

BIG BEAR is about Joe (Joey Kern) who reluctantly has his bachelor party even though his fiancé just dumped him for some Dude (recent Emmy nominated. Pablo
Schreiber). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine P (it) wrote: Boring. And really? It was thaat easy to find the location of the criminal that just ripped you off? AND, although mastermind BenFk knows how to steal loads of money from regular people, he apparently doesn't know how to hide from the swindled saps? Or hire better security? Turns out it's part of his interview process before the official job offer. JT, he robbed you and now he's your boss and you're kinda working to get your own money back. This movie reminds me of a male Pretty Woman-type fairy tale--but without the literal hooker stuff. Just how people can be bought and become so mesmerized by the money and rich lifestyle that they figuritively sell themselves.

Thomas T (us) wrote: Strangely endearing movie despite the disturbing pursuit that Zahn's character employs to win the girl.

Richard R (nl) wrote: This was never going to be anything more than cheesy - but it was a late nineties/early noughties teenish retelling of the greatest vamp story ever told. Despite an interesting premise and some unusual twists along the way the results are a little lacking for my taste. It's worth a watch but not really more than one, despite some good performances from Jonny Lee Miller and Gerard Butler along the way. But do look out for the tongue in cheek cheesy references along the way.

Daniel G (ca) wrote: i really enjoyed it's straightforward unpredictability, it's humor, and the paranormal methodology that could feasibly be coherent, but to the viewer is hard to differentiate from comic jargon. good stuff all around.

Abbie C (fr) wrote: I love this show. Want to see it again

Christopher S (ca) wrote: A good storyline and Nick Nolte are the only things that make this film even watchable. Shaq should have stopped acting in films after his subpar performance. I mean, he played a very large but very raw basketball player. What did he do, follow himself around for a year? Nick Nolte's performance helps to save this film from being a total disaster. His chemistry with Mary McDonnell was very good but it is his sideline antics that took it home. Nolte was suppose to be Bobby Knight I suppose but Knight, despite all of his faults, would never pay players to play for him. Still, a solid film overall.

Original G (kr) wrote: This is the story of a living legend named Countryman (as himself) and his battle against the corrupt Jamaican government. He's a ganja smoking, homeless, superhuman Rastaman. One day Countryman saves a couple after he sees their plane crash into a swamp full of crocodiles. They are nice people, but for some reason the Jamaican government sends out the army to go kill them. Can Countryman defeat the crocodiles, cops and the whole Jamaican army with his bare hands? Well, as long as someone has a fat doobie to fuel his Rastafari superpowers he can. Hey Bogart: Puff puff give!

Bryan C (nl) wrote: This sci-fi thriller holds up well nearly 40 years later.Grade: A

Luke B (kr) wrote: Just as good as its predecessor, if not better. Last time we saw Godzilla teaming up totake down one monster. This time, he has to take down two, by himself. This is a great end to the original series, as it contains all the great elements. Awesome fights, which take us back to more inhabited areas. The country side had become a cheap alternative, but you can't beat city destruction. There is also a lot of heart, as we see a ridiculed scientist and his daughter struggle with their feelings. This film actually contains some human sacrifice. Making us and Godzilla equal again. Very impressed with something that could have been all a little much.

Harry S (de) wrote: This Is One Weird Film. Very Very Weird.

Tara B (gb) wrote: Completely pointless, stupid and unoriginal. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Melody X (it) wrote: It's basically time travel in a more artistic way, an art history review to 20s century and la Belle poque. The best summary I can think of is from F. Scott Fitzgerald: 'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.'

Knox M (jp) wrote: Although an improvement on Jaws 3, Jaws: The Revenge recycles its plot from the last three films and is a vastly disappointing addition to Joseph Sargent's mostly solid filmography.