Big Business

Big Business

Hairdresser and his brother scam a shady used-cars-salesman.

Hairdresser and his brother scam a shady used-cars-salesman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike L (br) wrote: This movie is just plain horrible. In EVERY way. Hector Echavarria should be banned from making films. All I could think about is wonder how someone decided to fund a movie project with this as a pitch: I'll star in a movie where I'll have gratuitous sex with attractive women and then beat up real-world fighters in the least convincing fight scenes since...well, ever. This movie just sucks. The best actor was GSP and they dubbed him, even though he was speaking english. Seriously, the worst film I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Also, this doesn't even deserve the 10% I seem to be forced to give it.

Jeff L (fr) wrote: Interesting documentary about the importance of film preservation and the role of the National Film Registry in that process. Ironically though, the documentary feels redundant. Isn't the fact that a government funded program is preserving films a testament to the importance and widespread appreciation for film preservation?

Cheryl C (mx) wrote: a well-done about the difficult intersections of artistic expression and family life. more people should see this film, and talk about these issues in general.

Miles H (ca) wrote: Well made. Very tense. Well worth seeing.

NatashaMarie T (gb) wrote: When growing marjiana is a multi-million dollar business, you bury your murdered boss, pose as him and collect the profit - until your caught by police and loose everything...

Eric H (it) wrote: While its strange, mystical sense of suspense aids it, this movie is pretty mediocre in all other aspects, and yet I still find myself enjoying it. It's got terrible acting, bad picture quality and shaky, flawed transitions between scenes (and even stranger ones when it tries to demonstrate the Wizard's "power"), but it's still enjoyable. I wouldn't call this a horror movie so much as a strange combination of fantasy and gore, but it fits my Halloween bill well enough. The Wizard of Gore doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but then, like Phantasm, it isn't really supposed to.

Praveen E (mx) wrote: my first ken loach. pretty awesome and real.

Dustin M (it) wrote: Not as compelling as the "7th" and "Golden" but it still has amazing special effects from the master... Harryhausen.

Rolando Y (gb) wrote: very good but I can't faund the move only comercial