Big Fella

Big Fella

In this musical comedy, Paul Robeson stars as Joe, a Marseilles docker hired by a wealthy English couple to find their missing son. When Joe finds him, he learns he escaped of his own will, and takes him to stay with a local singer. They offer him a refuge from his repressed white parents.

In this musical comedy, Paul Robeson stars as Joe, a Marseilles docker hired by a wealthy English couple to find their missing son. When Joe finds him, he learns he escaped of his own will,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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lina a (it) wrote: Ajith did it batter....VP....could have done it better with the story...

Gradhito O (ru) wrote: surprisingly great balanced chemistry between alec baldwin and sarah michelle gellar, a good chick flick

Steph O (ru) wrote: "Take Away" is right up there on my list of favourite Aussie movies. What can I say? I love it. I love Vince Colosimo, I love Stephen Curry, I love Nathan Phillips, I love Rose Byrne, I love Tom Budge... but really I just love the story. It's a funny movie. "Take Away" is by no means a cinematic masterpiece, but it IS funny and not boring or depressing like many other Aussie movies.

Roxy R (mx) wrote: this is just a typical japanese drama in disguise

Michael W (us) wrote: The fight scenes are fun, some are even famous, but the lack of character development and motivation makes it hard to care about about them. It's not much of a movie; it's just fighting and the occasional baby elephant.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: havent seen it in years, real hard to find in the uk aswell. but a good film, gritty, real, the kind of thing when your a teenager kind of strikes you with this is what life is like for some people

Jacqui (mx) wrote: pre-Gia Jolie? cool.

Matthew M (mx) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie and was rather entertained by it. I think the best part is the visual effects also the kind of annoyance of trying to get out of a place that keeps pushing you back.

Stuart K (de) wrote: Unbelievable fight scenes, naff acting and storyline... I love it! Sho Kosugi is a legend!

Jason M (nl) wrote: Delightful overacting adds a bit of drama to the Shaw's polite comedy. Vivian Leigh as usual plays Vivian Leigh. And is possibly the only Cleopatra with a decidedly 'southern' accent. Acting aside, the dialogue is reasonable, and the characters well established. Not a classic by any means but still worth watching.

Seth F (au) wrote: Excellent recharge to a series that was losing momentum

Timothy C (br) wrote: Nice Action from the early years...

Rawballs B (br) wrote: If you see sexy girls wearing bikinis and kicking asses I don't think there's nothing wrong with that!. -_- Superb action video game adaptation for me!. ;-)

Gina G (jp) wrote: Expected more. Could have been better in every way.

Drew H (nl) wrote: Sexing it up in the wake of Basic Instinct. Rubbish predictable story, it was basically a shitter version of Basic Instinct.

Namir G (nl) wrote: - Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. Two of my favorite actors, and probably why this is in my queue.- Best quote so far: "You know the adults are about to fire up a work day, right?"- Apparently, wishing while peeing into a fountain works equally as well as just tossing change in.- So they've switched places. Like in the Parent Trap, but instead of adorable pre-drug Lindsey Lohans, they're a professional dad & a deadbeat actor.- As the dad explains his world, cut to scene in day care. "These are called children, or dependents. Never disparage your own children -- everything they do is a miracle from God. When they're bad, it's only because they're tired or going through a phase. When other people's kids are bad, however, it's because of indulgent parenting or innate defects."- There's a restaurant called the Abattoir.- Takes place in Georgia! They're at the Georgia Aquarium!- That lady just waggled her finger playfully at her date while holding a drink. I found it strangely alluring.- This movie has more bad tropes than a Google search for tropes.- City Hall called them back. Definitely a make-believe movie.