Big Joys, Small Sorrows

Big Joys, Small Sorrows

A lighthouse keeper and his family follow work from town to town, each time making new friends and receiving a visit from his troublesome father.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A lighthouse keeper and his family follow work from town to town, each time making new friends and receiving a visit from his troublesome father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Big Joys, Small Sorrows torrent reviews

End U (ru) wrote: This movie is terrible. The fast flickering of the camera ruined it for me.

Calvin R (fr) wrote: Horrible just plain horrible!

Larry C (it) wrote: Profanity. bad guy. I did not like it.

Beau H (mx) wrote: This movie could have been funny... But it's not! The concept of a pact leaves alot of potentially funny situations that this movie fails to capture. Chris Soldevillas attempts at acting come off as forced and every scene he's in is awkward. The only semi bright spot is Haley Duff but she is not seen enough to even pull this movie into mediocrity as everything from poor editing to horrible filming locations i.e. ( dorm looks like the 2nd floor of a Suburban home) The Wedding Pact is painfully obvious a low budget flix that I would only recomend if your a huge fan of Haley Duff

Francis M (ag) wrote: Fun for those making it, painfully for those watching it.

William R (kr) wrote: The best out of the series. Jessica Alba's performance was flawless.

Steal M (it) wrote: thiS movie is the best!!!!!uN Lng!!!!!!

Andrew L (fr) wrote: I watch this every year or so, it is my favorite movie and the sequels to which are also amazing. This movie is a feel good movie and each time I watch it, it tells me a different story. This movie will undoubtedly be an all time classic.

James H (ru) wrote: Charming film, great cast and well produced. It has a nice feel for the times, good score. Lauren Bacall is particularly good, and Anthony Edwards is well cast. Enjoyable and quite watchable.

ZACHO D (nl) wrote: Really good, but really depressing and shocking.

Paul E (us) wrote: Beautifully eerie at times, with echoes of Lovecraft - think Dagon / Shadow Over Innsmouth / Call of Cthulhu. Highly atmospheric, Dark Waters is flawed (the story is muddled) but is still perfect midnight viewing. The blind nuns and painter remind me of something out of a Lucio Fulci flick, the visuals are as arresting as anything Argento has done. This won't be for everyone - the pace will put a lot of people off - but stick with it, and lose yourself in the grim, gothic atmosphere.

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Chantal S (it) wrote: I love a good paradox!

Dustin C (kr) wrote: By far the best one out of all the series!

Aaron M (us) wrote: Brilliantly acted, strong narrative, and lovable characters. The Normal Heart shows the horrors of the 1980's AIDS/HIV epidemic, the heartbreak of losing who you love, and the anger of feeling unheard. Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, and Taylor Kitsch all star in this beautiful and memorable film.