Big Love

Big Love

Emilka meets the slightly-older Maciek out at a club one night. He shows Emilka—who was brought up by a single mom—a whole new world filled with desire, passion, restlessness and rebellion. The girl moves in with him and at first everything seems just perfect, but gradually Emilka discovers her separate identity, and starts to grow apart from him. When her dream of becoming a singer comes true, Maciek feels threatened. A toxic love game begins, full of lust and jealousy.

Emily is 16 years old when she meets Maciek - a handsome alpha male seven years her senior. Maciek is an unfulfilled musician and an employee of a pharmaceutical company. There is an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim M (ru) wrote: First of all, I never took Claire Danes seriously, because,in all the movies that I watched with her, she struck me as a half baked actress who specialized in some silly roles. But her performance in this movie is simply captivating. And the movie's message about autism and a humane handling of cattle -- wow, I am glad that I watched this movie.

SexiVixxEN (it) wrote: Philippe Petit a rather small man (in height) with huge dreams.Not only did he execute this master plan of getting all their equipment but building it and rigging it all within a few hours and walks back and forth 8 yes EIGHT times just to play with the cops.I loved it.Sad reminder that the twin towers are a distant memory,but wow this man and this film are amazing.

ramis v (nl) wrote: this is a big one, the story is really good and the acting to very touching film

Jesse M (es) wrote: Movie was shot like a Rap video and had a lot of over acting. But it also had some cool scenes. Wasn't impressed with the ending either.

Paul D (au) wrote: While this isn't quite as good as the first entry, I still found it to be entertaining. Nothing overly scary, but is good creepy fun. A good series to keep in mind when Halloween comes around.

Ian M (nl) wrote: It should be illegal for a film to be this much fun

Marcus G (mx) wrote: If this isn't one of the best and yet widely unseen environmental sci fi shockers then I don't know what is.Though it is not just the science, though certainly unlikely, but serves as a simple narrative to explain the consequences of man's obsession with pushing the boundaries, that makes this such a winner.Ultimately, it's the gritty presentation and cynical characterisations that give this a very British feel of how we would deal with such a calamity.Told through the press room at the Daily Express in the 1960's, this has an uncompromising view, never patronising nor afraid to use dialogue that is accurate to then characters regardless of whether the viewer understands.This is one of the factors that made "The West Wing" so popular and the this film in my view, rivals "All The President's Men" for its portrayal of dogged reporting uncovering the nasty truths. With a shot of Scotch here, and water fight there, it would seem to be all to realistic view of our nature should this ever befall us, and one day, it just might...

Tracie S (nl) wrote: It's Elvis...he's great in everything.

Alan C (au) wrote: An ok zombie movie. All the usual cliches and nothing particularly new. Special effects were physical rather than CGI which is a good thing. For zombie fans only.

Dana S (kr) wrote: Irish community has to stay drunk to writes itself

David W (kr) wrote: A deeply moving film with fine performances and a true story worth watching with company or family

Alejandro J (kr) wrote: It scores points for creativity and an interesting premise, but Van Helsing is unfortunately weighed down by CGI overload, cheesy duologue, and hammy performances, with the exception of Hugh Jackman.