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Marcee W (de) wrote: After watching this, I feel very worried for Mariel. Running is certainly appropriate for the title. She's admitted to eating disorders and her behavior now seems to be a desperately manic attempt to run from her fears. Her abusive childhood steeped in alcoholic dysfunction and her witnessing the sexual abuse of her sister at the hands of her father. Not sure you can lay the suicides at the feet of mental illness. Appears to be chronic addiction to me.Her current relationship appears to be anything but healthy. I found no hope at all in the piece. In fact, I thought she was doing well until seeing this film.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

visitorQ S (kr) wrote: Der war ja beinahe gut. ;-) 1,5/5

Hani H (kr) wrote: well, an original story, good acting but very weak effects, with more budget would be much much stronger better movie

Rahul P (it) wrote: 'Carnal Knowledge' is definitely one of the meanest films I have seen in Years. Among other things, what it had me feel at the end was a sense of disquiet. Is this what we have all turned into? Is Mike Nichols showing us a mirror of our souls?Do not miss it at any cost, if you are a fan of well written dialogues and good acting. There is blitzkrieg of a bedroom sequence between Jack Nicholson and Ann Margaret where he asks her.."Is this an ultimatum?""Is this an ultimatum you ball busting bitch, Answer me.. for if it is I am gonna tell you what you can do with this ultimatum....You can do the fucking bed"Carnal Knowledge is the "Taxi Driver" among all movies about sex,lies and relationships, I am sure.

Stephen C (br) wrote: The best part of the movie was that it was based on actual events. Fair to poor performances dragged the movie down, though.

Kevin L (kr) wrote: Blanche Tyler, una mujer que se gana la vida hacindose pasar por vidente, sabe que Arthur Adamson es hijo ilegtimo de una rica anciana que desea dejarle su herencia. Adamson se ha convertido en un estafador con la complicidad de su amante Fran.

Andrew L (de) wrote: Why? The first film was good, but did the pathetic Ocean's 12 warrant another sequel?

Greg W (it) wrote: popular film title since its been used at least 3 times in the last 10 years