Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday

Three 1960s California surfers fool around, drift apart and reunite years later to ride epic waves.

The lives of some California surfers from the early '60s to the '70s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey C (ag) wrote: Surprisingly heartfelt and much less formulaic than the previews would have you beilieve. Very enjoyable.

Jimmy C (ru) wrote: Plutt simpliste et malgr ses nombreux dfauts quant au rythme, l'intrt et aux personnages agaant, le film s'en sort majoritairement avec la prsence d 'Amal qui allumera un je ne sais quoi en nous face aux non-conventions du rcit dans de nombreuses surprises. Sans tre fabuleux, le film ne laissera pas de glace ce qui reste bien.

April N (fr) wrote: As a former angry Walmart employee, I can testify that this documentary is true. Beliieve it!!

Nicol M (ca) wrote: Quite funny movie with a cast full of stars and with a beautiful moral.

Fernando B (de) wrote: Genial, como todos los de la dupla Burman-Hendler...

Dan E (us) wrote: It has action, but it's not really action-packed. It has bullets, but they don't kill. It has fight scenes, but they're executed poorly. It has no plot. However, it does have a monk.

KylieJo G (jp) wrote: another only found at amazon

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 75%Saw this on 27/10/16Far far better than the first part of the trilogy, Blue. The music of this film is its greatest virtue and its simply mesmerizing. The acting is good and the story is ok, but the execution is so convoluted that one might soon lose touch with the plot. Ideas and intentions conveyed through the film are not realistic or plausible enough.

Kyle M (gb) wrote: It may've been given an overrating when it's a chick flick, but its developed heart is nice by the good friendship of both Midler and Hershey performing nicely, including Midler's musical talents in the second half. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Cassie H (de) wrote: This movie is a great movie about hockey,and Rob Lowe was adorable in this,and so was Patrick Swayze

Dan P (it) wrote: Don't mess with nature!

Jackson S (jp) wrote: As usual, Tomas Milian is a blast to watch. Cuchillo could have been in a thousand westerns and I never would have lost interest.

James H (de) wrote: 85/100. Underrated classic, very innovative and exciting. It uses the very unique technique of using the camera as the eyes of detective Marlowe in this fine adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel. Robert Montgomery directed it and did a wonderfully imaginative job. Excellent support from Audrey Totter and Audrey Meadows. Excellent cinematography.

Paul D (fr) wrote: By no means a stand-out musical, but is a strong enough story to pass.

Amari S (fr) wrote: Overview: A period drama in which a woman decides between slightly boring but dependable, and a talented, slightly erratic, artist.Trigger Warning(s): Scene of attempted rapeReview (with Spoilers)It has been almost a year since I have last seen an Emily Browning movie, and while I could have certainly watched Pompei, I didn't want to since it seemed so bleh. However, with Summer in February I thought this was going to be a cute period drama, something which could work well for Browning since she seems destined, due to her porcelain doll looks, to be in quite a few British period dramas. But with her not having the best record when it comes to movies, at least with me, does this one continue the trend or break it?Characters & StoryAfter having a fight with her father about a man who was the perfect match for her, Florence (Emily Browning) runs away to live with her brother Joey (Max Deacon) in the pursuit of not just getting away from their father, but also to paint. And what better a place to end up for with the great AJ Munnings (Dominic Cooper) sharing the same circle as Joey, as well as Harold Knight (Shaun Dingwall), there are many possible teachers and mentors in town. Though it seems with Florence's beauty, these artist would prefer her to replace local model Dolly (Mia Austen) over really providing tutelage. So she has to force the point she came to learn to paint.However, in the pursuit of justifying her stay to her father, she ends up attracting two men. The first being AJ, the wild and passionate painter, and then Gilbert (Dan Stevens) who is this calm, cool, and collected military man. And while the film, at first, presents Florence as a girl who isn't looking for love, just good company, knowledge, and maybe someone to match wits with, she soon falls for one of these boys and the quality of the film falls with it.PraiseAs noted in the introduction, Browning certainly has the perfect look for a period drama. Add in the right amount of cheekiness she possesses in her voice, as well as a look which screams naivety, innocence, and perhaps privilege, and I think you have a prime candidate for a Jane Austen adaptation. However, in terms of this story, while Austen-esque sarcasm isn't on display, for the first 40 or so minutes Browning is quite a sight and her character Florence seems like someone who demands to be taken seriously. With this you are presented a rather interesting picture in which a woman seems to not mind male attention, even enjoys it a bit, but seems committed to becoming a better artist over anything else. Which, for me, I thought was a perfect direction for the film. Though with it being based on a true story, and set in the early 1900s, I should have knew it was too good to be true.CriticismIf just because, unfortunately, with Florence falling in love, or perhaps more so in great admiration, her story as an artist slips away as she ends up a love interest. One who seemingly picked the wrong man, slowly loses reason to draw, and becomes a bore to watch. Mostly due to all her wit, and any sense of moxy, just disappearing. Making the hour after she becomes married, at first, a bit interesting since we see her deal with insecurities and what not, but after a while things feel like they are just dragging on and it makes you wish what happened in those first 40 minutes still was going on rather than the mess you are left with.Overall: TV ViewingDespite rarely giving any Emily Browning film an overall positive review, I do remain a fan. Not just because I think she is attractive either, if anything I think it is because she certainly has talent, but the issue is she doesn't find films which are good throughout. They start off strong but once the drama starts to really kick in, usually the film falls apart. Which is what leads to the TV Viewing label for this film since the film started good, not strong but good, and I liked seeing Browning use her great ability to seem vulnerable, a bit cheeky, and certainly someone who could hold her own against not just the male gaze, but all the talent around her. However, once she got diminished to a love interest it was all downhill. Her life became about who her husband may have been with, her wondering if she made the right decision, and then her wanting to escape from her husband. All making for the type of drama done far too much for this film to not put any effort into trying to stand out and make things interesting.

Paul D (de) wrote: This has some of the worst acting I've seen in a while. The story of the Ouija board has been done several times and this one certainly does not offer anything new or noteworthy.

Scott H (es) wrote: The acting is decent, but even Watts and McConaughey can't overcome the cliche dialogue and make their characters appealing given their irrational disdain for one another. Nearly every scene involving the two doubles back on itself and never progresses the character development or the plot. It lacks a focus on how it wants to tell its narrative and its use of flashbacks is distracting and doesn't provide smooth or logical transitions.