Bigfoot kidnaps some women and some bikers decide to go on a rescue mission to save them.

Bigfoot kidnaps some women and some bikers decide to go on a rescue mission to save them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob R (gb) wrote: This movie is much more developed then the average American film, which is spoiled on overdone demonic tales and found film. The film is a nice change in pace.

Mikael K (fr) wrote: 2007 saw a remarkable event in the world of cinema, when Marjane Satrapi teamed up with Vincent Paronnaud to make an animated adaptation of her prize-winning autobiography in comic form, "Persepolis". The result was a film every bit as perfect as the comics it was based on, filled with the emotion of growing up combined with illuminating glimpses into everyday life in Iran during its many political reigns and turmoil. The personal met the societal in a perfect union.In 2011 the duogave us "Poulet aux prunes," another adaptation of a comic by Satrapi. This time, they decided to turn the story into a live action instead of an animation.I read the graphic novel before seeing the film, and while it was guaranteed Satrapi quality in storytelling, I found that this rather romantic if tragic true tale of the author's relative lacked the depth all the political and cultural levels brought to "Persepolis". This time Satrapi & Paronnaud truly show what they can do with the tools of cinema. They have turned a good comic book into a wonderful film that's unafraid to experiment, switch styles and result to extreme visual storytelling. They manage to keep their bold experimenting on a level that still allows everything to fit together perfectly.Mathieu Amalric shines as Nasser-Ali Khan, the tragic protagonist who has been disappointed by life, spreading the seeds of that disappointment around himself. We start with his death then move on to experience the last days of his life, a slow suicide. Dynamic flashbacks and flash-forwards animate this into a broad story that's still firmly docked inside one room where one life is ending.Hereis a historically interesting film, but its take on its storytelling is highly stylized and in just the right ways old fashioned and romantic. If you want to experience cinematic magic in a meaningful, honestly emotional form, this is definitely your film. Beautiful, touching, powerful, "Poulet aux prunes" is a great achievement and one that makes you crave for more from this new dynamic duo of modern filmmaking. Satrapi's "Embroideries" is yet to be adapted...

Richard S (fr) wrote: This was a really good documentary that follows a group of people who dress up as their favourite superhero in Hollywood to pose with tourists for tips. It was both funny and sad, some are shown to be eccentrics, some desperate, some with clear mental health problems but all of them have clearly lost their way in their search for fame and fortune in Hollywood.

Cass J (us) wrote: one of my favorite movies of all time says a message to Me don't judge a book by its cover

Dean G (mx) wrote: Have enjoyed it the 10 or so time's I've seen it.

Andy O (nl) wrote: Clever split screen work when both his characters were in shot, however the film itself is a fairly standard Van Damme flick. Still a guilty pleasure, mind...

Ron P (ca) wrote: It leaves you drained and exhilarated. Reggio sees with a god's eye.

Tom Z (nl) wrote: It was funny. I was young.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: Lt. Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) is assigned to protect a key witness in a case against organized crime. His charge gets gunned down; putting Bullitt in the cross-hairs of some brutal thugs and an opportunistically sleazy politician (Robert Vaughn). While it boasts a car chase for the ages, Bullitt is special because it's an action movie that shows far more often than it tells. Unlike far too many of his peers and successors, director Peter Yates tells this crime story with stylish resolve and carefully orchestrated pacing. It's a perfect counterpoint to Steve McQueen's acting strengths and that makes Bullitt one of his better vehicles.

Ben L (ru) wrote: Still my favourite film of all time, camp as hell but fully self aware. And an amazing soundtrack too.

michelle m (gb) wrote: My hubby loves this movie lots of action!