Biggles: Adventures in Time

Biggles: Adventures in Time

Daring British WWI fighter pilot James "Biggles" Bigglesworth and 1980s low-level business executive Jim Ferguson discover that they can time travel to each other's eras. They try to stop the Germans from changing the outcome of WWI.

Salesman Jim Ferguson, who is living in New York City in the present time, falls into a time hole and is transfered to 1917. It's turn out that his time-twin - James "Biggles" Bigglesworth - is in mortal situation, and Jim is sent to help him. The job is to destroy the "Sound Weapon" of the Germans, a mission that could cost their own life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Biggles: Adventures in Time torrent reviews

joey b (us) wrote: This is the type of film you watch when you have no cable

Christian Z (br) wrote: This movie was part of my childhood! I remember the days when YTV always show this movie every halloween. It was smart clever and fun!

Russ B (br) wrote: 2/23/2017: An ok movie with a few funny moments.

Me Myself and I (jp) wrote: My fave of the 2 movies. I was basically forced to watch it (my bf Bill made me lol), but then I couldn't wait until Volume 2 came out. Of course they took their time at putting it out. If you like really violent bloody movies, then this one is for u :).

Cole W (gb) wrote: To call this movie gory is an absolute understatement. This has to be the bloodiest movie ever made. Seriously, if you get queasy at the sight of blood, stay as far away from this movie as possible. But if you can get past that, it's a funny, over-the-top, disgustingly fun time.

Lis A (ag) wrote: a silly, funny, wonderful classic film.

CHRI P (gb) wrote: i have an OBSESSION with this film.

Steve W (ag) wrote: This is a film that cannot exist without CGI - as the plot relies so heavily on the absurd. A popcorn film that wants you to believe its way smarter than it really is - even the Mark Ruffalo's revelation can be seen a mile away. In the end, you don't really buy it.

Jake M (nl) wrote: The Lego Movie (2014) was an unexpected surprise when it first came out. People went nuts over this movie and it had a whopping high score on Rotten Tomatoes. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this movie due to it's questionable plot but I got proven wrong in a way that I never expected. The story is lot more than what you'd think it be. It distances itself from being a juvenile Liar revel story and instead focuses more on the Lego universe and it's characters. The Movie does a lot with it's creativity and the world building is unbelievable. There are many different worlds are characters explore and each have their own distinct style and personality. The message is also a great message and it has a lot to do with individualism and working together as a team. Most of the characters are lovable and all of them have incredible voice talents. Emmet is one of those characters that is impossible to hate. His personality is genuine and he has a couple moments that are very touching. Wildstyle is quite the Buttkicker and has a tough personality but warms up to Emmet over time. Vitruvius is your usual "Morgan Freeman" Character but with incredible powers and Lord Business is one of the best non Disney villains I've ever seen. He definitely is funny but there's more to his character then you'd actually think and when it is revealed he becomes more sympathetic and the end result is touching. The side characters like Unikitty, Benny, Medal Beard and Good cop/Bad Cop are also lovable and are great for supporting the main characters. The only character I don't like as much is Batman. He does have a couple funny moments but I found him kinda annoying in some parts of the movie. One thing I hear people talk about over and over again is how great the animation is. Some people say that the animation looks like it was done in 100% stop motion but believe it or not it's actually done in CGI animation but it was made to look like those stop motion Lego Videos you see on the internet. It is downright impressive on how almost everything in the Lego Universe is completely made of Lego, even the water. The Character designs closely resemble the look and movement of Lego figures and the way they function. The action is very fast paced and all over the place and they get really creative of how master builders create some amazing contraptions. The Music score has a nice orchestra track but it also features some techno styled scores as well. I appreciate how the people wanted to have a unique kind of music score and while I do think the song "Everything is Awesome" might be a little too much for my tastes I think the score really does accompany the movie in a stylistic manner. This film has proven that you can make a good if not great movie out of a product. I think it's clever that they used Lego as a means to teach valuable messages while also having a lot of fun with it's ideas. I can definitely say that this movie is indeed awesome. (A)

Martin H (jp) wrote: Run of your mill thriller. But good old Bruce makes this more entertaining.