• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Bihaindo 1978 full movies, Bihaindo torrents movie

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Bihaindo torrent reviews

Josiah M (ru) wrote: It begs for nominations yet does little to nothing that is deserving of any.

Antti Q (kr) wrote: Still one of the most (man-made) beautiful spectacles.

Tor M (kr) wrote: I've had this film laying around since it was released on DVD almost 10 years ago.I wondered why it never earned a lot of fame or a classic reputation, but I expected an all right flick. That's also what I got.A huge film about a huge happening. The main thing here is the "Black September" aftermath that I never knew much about. Speilberg is a huge name but the film does not include THAT big names. Anyhow, this is a well crafted thriller with great scenes. It looks smooth and it's sound design is superb. The film is long, but it never flattens out. That's impressive.Not as acionfilled or thrilling as I thaught it would be, but still a film that's worth a go.7 out of 10 wait outs.

Kyle C (br) wrote: Oh yes, pretty good indeed

Muffin M (br) wrote: People who are into Bodybuilding would enjoy this one

Jon S (it) wrote: I know I am supposed to think Salesman is the best documentary of the 1960s, but this one is so so so incredible. The McCarthy meltdown is beyond belief.

John M (au) wrote: It's a pretty half-ass Bond honestly plot-wise, but the action scenes are amazing.

Cole W (jp) wrote: A very funny, sometimes heartfelt, and very enjoyable holiday classic featuring great performances by Macaulay Culkin as the clever Kevin McCallister, and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as the goofball duo the Wet Bandits.

Greg J (gb) wrote: Just for disclaimer I love this movie series. However, I recognize it is a horrible movie franchise.

Moya W (jp) wrote: L!fe Happens was an entertaining comedy about motherhood, friendships, love and most of all life. Krysten Ritter portrayed her role wondrously and it was great to watch her for once actually carry the movie and she managed amazingly well. Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson were great in their roles as well. The movie definitely lived up to its expectations. It hooked you from the beginning until the very end and it always had a certain attraction that made you want to continue watching it. Most certainly an enjoyable and entertaining comedy that will make you smile by the end of it!

Nick S (nl) wrote: Lost half a star only because I really *really* don't want to end up a Joe Somebody. Call me paranoid... :D