Bikini Chain Gang

Bikini Chain Gang

A waitress who won't put out for her boss has the misfortune of quitting her job just as the bar is being robbed by a notorious thief...

Jessie, a waitress in a sleazy bar, is framed for robbing the place and gets a five-year stretch in prison. The prison is run by a corrupt warden and a butch-lesbian head guard, and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter F (nl) wrote: Charles Rogers and Sarah-Violet Bliss' debut feature feels like an episode of Broad City dipped in strychnine. Following a comedy of errors involving two twenty-something trust-funded females, Fort Tilden has enough drug use, bare breasts and sex talk to make your mother nervous, but what's most remarkable about the film is how it doesn't ask us to like its characters. The two leads are both rather repellent (even more so than a Lena Dunham creation), but in doing so it brings up plenty of questions about where Generation Y is headed, and also finds plenty to satirize in a playful sense. Frequently hilarious, and never predictable, Fort Tilden is a strong debut film, and may even suggest greater things to come from the two young filmmakers.

Miranda C (it) wrote: looks ok on phone app7/9

Dilhara A (br) wrote: beautiful and awakening. not surprised at National Geographic's incredible work.

Robert H (kr) wrote: If you thought Anaconda or Anaconda Part 2 were bad... you obviously didn't continue with the series. Enter number 4, Trail of Blood which is just plain awful. The CG snake just gets less realistic every movie it seems and so does the acting. I've never seen a bigger group of "scientists" and "mercenaries" and other various "professionals" who didn't seem to have any idea what they were doing. Unless you're going to spend some time developing a good story and putting some money behind the film... please don't make any more Anaconda movies.

Deke P (fr) wrote: I had forgotten how good this is, great super special effects, story, etc. Just saw it on tv in 2017 agin. really liked it.Dakota Fanning

Collin P (us) wrote: Entertaining and thought provoking, Eternal Sunshine has the most relatable characters in a romance movie I've seen and one of the most creative ideas I've ever heard.

dm S (kr) wrote: Refn's most underrated picture: bombed at the B.O., divided audiences and critics, forgot by everyone in the world, while Nolan's Memento has become a magnum opus, became a school for psychological thrillers. The truth is Fear X put a much bigger burden onto our shoulders: there is no dialogue approx. 20 minutes, it's depressive, snowy, silent, blood-red and voices, my God, the voices. Breaks your skull: when Larry Smith shows Harry Caine's disturbed mind, with monsters in it, you'll be sick quickly. John Turturro pulls of his role as a jedermann cannot racionalize his wife's death, a trauma which is as monstrous as it would be in real life. Not for everyone: silent vs. noisy, full with Lynch, Coppola or Altman hommages, creating an alienating sense of paranoia. More or less, that's why it became a financial failure and ignored. And it will be ignored years later too.

Andreas E (ca) wrote: So much wanna be in this movie. Tries to be deep, maybe even touching but it comes off silly, boring for the first hour and rather retarded in the end. If you can think of ANY better way of spending theses 90 minutes, please do!

Steve H (au) wrote: oh my gosh this movie is laugh out loud funny.

Bhaskara W (fr) wrote: it's beautiful, sincere and heartbreaking...

Beth J (gb) wrote: classic preminger, courtroom noir. baby has an intense relationship with daddy.

Scott M (kr) wrote: Story about a prince from Africa who travels to America in search of a wife. Really horrible. Eddie Murphy is embarrassingly bad. He cashed a check here. However, I did like the movie when he's not on screen.