A coming of age story centering on the exploits of a young girl during summer vacation.

A coming of age story centering on the exploits of a young girl during summer vacation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Junior H (it) wrote: i really want to see it

Kok F (ru) wrote: Ivy Ho is more famous as a writer. Among them, July Rhapsody (directed by Ann Hui) is my favorite. She is director and writer in Crossing Hennessy. The film is unambitious, no style, treated in old fashion way, zero superstar effect, dry storyline, overall an unsexy film. What's in it? Heartful, is in it. If you think that's important, or perhaps, the most important thing for a film, then you may watch this one.

Yash B (jp) wrote: It's a slow moving movie with a good heart. I enjoyed it but I also was somewhat bored by it.

Steve L (gb) wrote: Same story as 1st with different people AGAIN

Gina B (de) wrote: Watched this after seeing Lily Tomlin in GRANDMA. This is charming. Script had misses. I'm really starting to love Paul Weitz. This might have been better had he adapted the book.

Drew B (au) wrote: Screw the critics, this movie is amazing. Denzel plays a bodyguard who has lost hope in life and is dead inside (because of all the people he's killed as a counter-insurgency spec-ops agent, and most likely the loss of his wife--not explicitly said but hinted at) but after getting to know Peta, the little girl he is protecting, he learns that he can live again. All that is taken away when she is kidnapped. What ensues is a "Man of Fire" takes revenge on those involved and orchestrated it. This is the second half that becomes violent. The violence is 100% justified and makes sense within the plot. The violence is even, I dare say, satisfactory. It boggle my mind that critics thought this movie was "over the top" violent... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! Most super hero movies today have more violence that makes less sense and is less justified than the violence in this movie. Do yourself a favor and see this movie. It is well written, great choreography, awesome action, and extremely moving; I'd be surprised if you didn't cry. Again, screw the critics, this movie is A+.

Cooper H (de) wrote: Need for Speed has some okay racing but nothing memorable. Imogen Poots is very likable, yet the rest of the cast doesn't bring anything new.

Vijay B (kr) wrote: This movie is much better than it is credited for.

Andy O (ca) wrote: i like the snot cumbers or something

Dolby M (ag) wrote: The worst of the Underworlds. Archaic setting and overly long and talky.

Bill B (au) wrote: I have to say that I am happy to strike this from the list of Movie Shame titles that I have 'needed' to see for all these years, as it's truly a wonderful film and a pitch-perfect example of the Film Noir genre. It has also kicked off a renewed interest in me for all things Film Noir, so I foresee a lot of rentals and blind-buys in my immediate future.Robert Mitchum is amazing in this film, laconic and grouchy, resigned to deal with the things life throws at him in a very realistic manner.Highly Recommended.