Billie Turf kontra Kwel

Billie Turf kontra Kwel


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F Matthew D (ag) wrote: Lots of fun. Funny and good pace. Mel Gibson's best in awhile.

Josh I (mx) wrote: bad a$$!! the insight into the minds of all of DC's villains was an eye opener to me and inspires me to read more comics and persue my own comic book story line!- J Ilnicki

Seher K (de) wrote: all about human relationships and as for me, i cannot do with it.. hence the appeal was awesome. a developing bond and closeness with someone so barred and unknowingly is so beautiful. the ending though was quite expected, i kept my fingers crossed for a different ending but never the less a thoughly well enacted film, with a good plot, good actors and a very thought provoking message. It will take time for me to keep it in the back rack of memory. Bose and Raima... too good!! it just could not have been better than this, wonder how well the Bengali version must have been!

Alexander C (br) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Jake P (ag) wrote: Gotta love the original!!

Dann M (kr) wrote: Hysterically funny, Not Another Teen Movie is a brilliant sendup of the teen genre. Parodying She's All That, American Pie, Cruel Intentions, Jawbreaker, Pretty in Pink, Bring It On, and many, many others, the film does a great job at covering the major hits of the '80s and '90s. And the satire is incredibly well-done, and uses the cliches and stereotypes of the genre in fun, clever ways. Starring Chyler Leigh, Chris Evans, Jaime Pressly, Mia Kirshner, Lacey Chabert, and Eric Christian Olsen, the casting is especially good, and they do an excellent job at playing to the character archetypes of teen films. Yet while the comedy's broad enough to work for a general audience, to really appreciate Not Another Teen Movie and what it's doing you have to know the material it's spoofing.

Vivian M (fr) wrote: Muy chistosa, humor francs por cierto, a quien le gusta el idioma, es buena .

Juampa G (ru) wrote: A clever and sensitive story with touching performances by Marisa Paredes and Chus Lampreave.

Gabriel A (ag) wrote: El caso es interesante...pero la narracin est floja, floja...

John Y (ru) wrote: Such an extremely clipped film, that the pacing is thrown off and there's no real feeling of doom.

Tilak J (gb) wrote: another classic bachchan movie

Ralph R (gb) wrote: This movie is guaranteed to be horrible so here is some Billy Squire for your amusement: "Now everybody, have you heard If you're in the game, then the stroke's the word Don't take no rhythm, don't take no style Got a thirst for killin' - grab your vial... " First person to name that song will get an invisible bowl of rice.

Michael W (jp) wrote: Short film with Dragnet-style narration. Bad guy is killed and The End is flashed--the classic film noir finish.

Adam P (de) wrote: Generally what you'd expect from Berkeley -- boy-meets-girl backstage plot meets amazing technical proficiency and psychedelic dance numbers. The movie benefits a lot from its supporting cast however (especially Hugh Herbert as a snuff-addled eccentric), who move the first hour leading up to the dance spectacles at a slightly snippier pace than Berkeley's other outings. The glee with which each character indulges in bribery, extortion, and blackmail is also pretty fun to watch.