Billion Dollar Brain

Billion Dollar Brain

A former British spy stumbles into in a plot to overthrow Communism with the help of a supercomputer. But who is working for whom?

Harry Palmer has left the British Secret Service and become a private detective. One of his first assignments is to deliver an apparently innocent thermos flask to an old friend in Helsinki, Palmer is suspicious of the flask contents and begins to doubt the motives of his friend and those of his boss a Texan billionaire. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jolene M (kr) wrote: My new favorite Spanish language campy horror film!

Ivan P (jp) wrote: Thought that this was a cool action movie. Should've known better once I saw the special marksman type guns they were using. I don't think Louis Koo can be tough whether he is playing a bad guy or a good guy.. and seriously I expect more from Daniel Wu... even Keanu Reeves can get past the himbo-ness and deliver a pretty cool action movie... And after all that I really only watched this for Charlene, and yet I think she got the least screentime and least character development out of them all.. I still don't know how she and the 'other' girl co-existed... So if not an action movie.. I don't really know what this movie had to offer.. a statement of moral ethics?

robin a (us) wrote: This movie was crazy! It was pretty scary to see how sick people can be... It wasn't really her fault, she was just sick and needed love and searched for it in the wrong way. Poor the ones who got hurt because of her.

Andy C (au) wrote: The first one is fun - this one has incomprehensible action, too much "destiny" is overly shallow and uncomfortably racist at times - bad form.

Chris Q (gb) wrote: One of Michael Moore's best

Jack H (ag) wrote: major chick flick alert.its flawed and the semi racist chinese accent from andy richter was terrible but its a good time. its fun, its fierce and it gets heart warming. i just wish it had been more crazy and the boy intersts were so forced and pointless when they appeared (especially trey, roxies crush) it was agonizing trying to make use of them. but overall a great girl fluff for a sleepover

Amy Marie D (jp) wrote: Para los que le guste la musica esta pelicula es suuper chevere


Eber N (es) wrote: Predictable and absurd copy of the classic "A Fish Called Wanda" has nothing new to offer only absurd and forced humor.

Scott S (mx) wrote: this was one of my favorite movies ive ever seen richard pryor was a hero of mine so although it didnt get good reviews i loved it GOD BLESS YOU RICHARD YOUR THE GREATEST

John Y (ag) wrote: Silly film about The Beatles' first trip to America through the eyes of their fans. But it has it's moments.

Tasos L (br) wrote: Bava is a total guarantee in his latter films.

Walter M (gb) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Leon Morin, Priest," Barny(Emmanuelle Riva) has a crush on Sabine(Nicole Mirel), the office manager at the correspondence school where she works. Barny does not take the war seriously when the Italian army occupies the town but things get serious when the Nazis show up. So, she and some of her friends work together to get their children of Communists and Jews baptized. Otherwise, Barny has only ridicule for the Catholic Church and she decides to play a joke on one of the priests. But Leon Morin(Jean-Paul Belmondo) is not who she expects and speaks to her on her level. He is so winning in fact that Barny agrees to further instruction at the presbytery.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]As rambling and episodic as "Leon Morin, Priest" is, it also contains a series of intelligent and witty dialogues on the nature of religion. In short, can there really be an atheist during an occupation? Morin is never totally just concerned with the spiritual, taking an interest in the temporal lives of his parishioners, even going so far as to suggest Barny get married.(Are they really talking about what I think they are in the following conversation?) This is at a time when the most common sexual activity is the casual contact everybody has with each other due to most of the young men being away from the village for one reason or another. However, I do think there is more to Barny's infatuation with Sabine than simply that.[/font]