Billoo Baadshah

Billoo Baadshah

An orphan makes sacrifices for the family who took him in but subsequently faces humiliation and homelessness.

An orphan makes sacrifices for the family who took him in but subsequently faces humiliation and homelessness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (de) wrote: So horrible... Can't believe I'm wasting My time even posting My review it was so awful!!! :-(

Jarmo P (nl) wrote: One of the docs that should be mandatory viewing for everyone who uses the internet. Or lives in a culture.

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Kendall I (fr) wrote: There's not really much to say about Wages of Sin. The acting is good is some parts,the effects are terrible,and it ends way too fast! The only reason I don't hate it is because it's one of the few "evil priest" horror movies and it has a hint of psychological film in it. Overall,hardly any good.

Janicia H (kr) wrote: Really nice movie about survival and working together through the hard times...

Michael V (it) wrote: science fiction but without the fiction

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