Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot

A talented young dancer has to learn to fight for his dream despite social and parental disapproval.

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Nick U (es) wrote: 10/16/14 VuDuA little slow start and difficult to hear the dialogue/English accents. Builds momentum however and become a hold your breath thriller.

Dickie L (br) wrote: Having just seen the Pusher trilogy, this seems pretty tame in comparison. The stakes just aren't really high enough and despite my affection for Jesse Eisenberg, I didn't really care enough about the plight his character gets himself into here. Fairly flat direction doesn't help.

Ricki B (gb) wrote: wanna be fast and furious

Jade C (gb) wrote: One of the best chick flicks I have ever seen !!! Great quotes and an idea of America vs Scotland

Petra M (de) wrote: Gledala sam ovo danas polovicno na Cinestar TV-u i ne kuzim ga uopce. Jel ikome poznat?

Michael A (nl) wrote: I usually like John Sayles but this one is a little more complicated..and like with all his films nothing is ever tied up in a nice bow at the end ..good performance by Chris Cooper..I only wish the movie was more about him instead of the Danny Huston character,still it's an interesting companion piece to Fast Food Nation.

Matthew L (us) wrote: Does exactly what it says on the tin, though unlike most DTV action flicks, I'm looking at you Seagal, this is competently made and reasonably watchable.

Santiago P (gb) wrote: Weird and maybe hard to follow for some. Also raw. But all in all a good movie.

Victoria S (de) wrote: One of the most surreal and fun beach movies. Toomy Kirk, Martian!

Rachel H (jp) wrote: brillant film 10 out of 10

Bill B (ca) wrote: This was one of those softcore flicks from the late '80s that I always thought I had seen before, but I'll be damned if we didn't sit down to watch it the other night and it all seemed completely new to me.Kinda sexy, mostly silly and overwrought, but amusing for what it is.Rental? If you're into that kinda thing?

Jesse R (ca) wrote: a little corny but not too bad.