Billy T: Te Movie

Billy T: Te Movie

Cinema documentary feature celebrating iconic New Zealand entertainer, Billy T James.

Cinema documentary feature celebrating iconic New Zealand entertainer, Billy T James. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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joey b (jp) wrote: Worst film I seen Robert De Niro play in bad role for 50 cent he only good at gangsta roles

Shahin K (nl) wrote: It was a really funny movie and I was actually laughing out loud. I generally don't like slap stick comedies, but this one was more intelligent than the average bollywood slapstick comedy. I did have two complaints though. Although Javed Jaffrey had some funny moments, I really think they under utilised his talent. 2ndly, I think the end was STUPID - a really dumb ending to an otherwise excellent movie.

Matt G (de) wrote: I still think Edward Norton should have been the hulk in the avengers.

Grant B (es) wrote: One of the most oddly touching films I've seen in years. Heartily recommended.

EvaLena I (ag) wrote: This was an okay thriller or was it a drama.

Anisha M (de) wrote: Being inspired by 'reservoir dogs' and 'heat' but remains much much better than other bollywood action-thriller crap films. Its a very good bollywood film trying its every bit to be an international standard action film and giving same level of entertainment to indian audience but in bollywood style. Its no doubt a good movie with everything an indian stylish action movie can have. Its still entertaining to watch this movie after so many years. Its still fresh.

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Tsubaki S (gb) wrote: Not bad, too cliche at times and predictable resolution, but still not bad. I guess it helps that i'm a sucker for 50s retro stuff. Fairuza Balk also looks hot in some kind of weird way.

Shawn M (fr) wrote: Perfection comes in all different forms. This is one of them.

Jason O (gb) wrote: HILARIOUS! In "Houseguest," Kevin Franklin (Sinbad) stars as a houseguest that wasn't supposed to be a houseguest. Kevin is in trouble with a few people and they threaten to kill him if he doesn't give them $50,000 the next day. Kevin ends up pretending to be a long lost friend of Gary (Phil Hartman) and his family. Kevin is going to be a houseguest for awhile just so he can stay away from the madmen that he's in trouble with. But to be the family's houseguest, he has to pretend to be the REAL long lost friend of Gary, and also pretend to be what Gary's real friend is known for, for being one of the best dentists there are. I don't see why "Houseguest" isn't a lot more popular than it is, it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen without a doubt, and I've seen a lot of great comedy movies. Sinbad provides most of the laughs with his crazy antics. I couldn't quit laughing at the part when Sinbad washes his hands with novacaine and he finds out that his hands are real numb while he's pretending to be a dentist. But that's far from being the only hilarious part of the movie. "Houseguest" is hilarious all the way from when he first becomes the houseguest at the beginning of the movie all the way to the song that talks about food in the credits after the movie. I recommend "Houseguest" to anybody who likes hilarious movies. Whether you like Sinbad or not, you should be able to enjoy this movie a lot. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001.

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David J (br) wrote: Funny but insanely stupid even for its genre. Watch it once and decide.

Justin H (fr) wrote: 95%? Really? Compared to a WWII historian I know nothing, but for your average guy I know a few things about WWII. Here's a sample of things I noticed in this atrocious film. In one scene, a German officer is packing a standard issue 1911 American weapon, while our "hero", a perennial beta male, carries a Luger, a standard issue German officer pistol for the length of the movie. Instead of flying the proper flags, they simply put Nazi flags over the grill of a jeep in order to signify that it was a Nazi vehicle. Some of the German uniforms were created almost 30 years after the setting of the movie and feature camoflauge. I could go on, but really this is just crap. The pacing is horrendous, every last scene goes on five seconds too long. save your damn Redbox fee and buy a disgusting sandwich from Mcdonalds, it will serve you better.