Engineer Peter sets off to build a power generator fueled by toxic waste on an uncharted island, but unexpectedly finds magic amongst the backward islanders and is faced with a difficult choice.

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Brian C (gb) wrote: HazMat had so much potential to be brilliant. It had a great start where a group of people who are part of a company that sets up strange scenarios to scare people; kind of like haunted houses, and killers etc.They decide to set up their next scare in a haunted building that has a survivor wearing a gas mask, and one by one kills them.While it is well done, and very entertaining, I feel it would have been better if someone was doing to them what they do, scaring them. Aside from that, a really fun, and well done movie.

Toby E (ru) wrote: Looking purely at the idea its representing it is an interesting subject to have turned into a film the end project unfortunately doesn't do the subject justice.

Marco C (mx) wrote: For all it's depressing "reality", Then She Found Me offers hope and while I've never read Elinor Lipman's novel and can't comment on how the film compares the entire cast makes a fair effort of propelling the story--I just wish the story, and by extension the representation of life it makes, wasn't so bleak.

Andrew A (gb) wrote: Not a movie for everyone - a little intellectual - but very thought provoking.

David C (it) wrote: Very funny and original.

Emma B (ru) wrote: As a lover of British Indian cinema I was so disappointed in this. It is almost unwatchable. There isn't a single competent performance in it, the plot is clichd and the production is poor. Got to the end for the sheer novelty of watching something so bad.

Mike M (ru) wrote: This film is an exquisite work of art. Every frame of film seems to have been composed with as much attention to detail as any painting hanging in your local art museum. The story is admittedly bizarre, and the presentment may be even more bizarre, but there is no doubt that this film is a masterpiece. The colors, the colors! They seem to be attuned to the mood of the scene, very subtly but very effectively. If you're reading this review, you NEED to see this film... if you can find it! It has recently been re-issued on DVD, however.

Jim H (ru) wrote: The marriage between a columnist and his wife degrades when she discovers his infidelity.Nora Ephron makes me hate white people. These two privileges, upper-class, yuppie white people smack of the kind of white sense of entitlement that would make me turn into Malcolm X. Thinking about Ephron's films, I can't remember a single non-white character who isn't carrying a tray or, as is the case in this film, saying, "Meesus Forman" in a caricature of a Hispanic maid; her main complaint about Rachel nemesis in the film is that she's "messy," as though the only way this woman can evaluate one's character is through her work. Now, I suppose you're saying that since race isn't a concern for Ephron, it's unfair to bring it up, or you're saying that Woody Allen has only one African American character in his entire oeuvre (Cookie from Deconstructing Harry) who merely serves to set up a racist joke. It's true that Ephron isn't writing about race, but it's nonetheless inappropriate to have the only depiction of nonwhites in subservient roles; if race isn't one of Ephron's concerns, then don't include any nonwhites in any role; have a white maid. Eliding nonwhites seems less offensive to me than confining nonwhites. And I admit one of Woody Allen's weaknesses is his single-color pallet, but in his entire film collection, there is only one instance where a nonwhite is confined to a subservient role, and this a non-speaking maid in Hannah and Her Sisters. As racist depictions go, Allen's not good, but Ephron is horrid.The detestable depiction of race in Heartburn isn't the only thing that bothered me about the film. The conflict literally doesn't start until the film is forty-seven minutes old. For an eternity, we have to watch these yuppies be unpardonably happy with their courtship, their child, and their seemingly insouciant ability to get over their fears of marriage and commitment - serious fears that are glossed over and defeated with some simple spooning. It's so boring in a way that only the overly saccharine Ephron can bore one. The half-star bonus point is for Jack Nicholson who has some good moments and for one scene with a jewelry salesman that was well-written.Overall, after Julie and Julia and Bewitched, one would think that I'd learn my lesson.

Ben H (kr) wrote: One of the worst edited and written movies I have tried to sit through. High school plays have actors with more chops.

Bashful D (mx) wrote: Christine Lahti steals the movie.

Tim S (ca) wrote: Warriors of the Wasteland (AKA The New Barbarians, AKA Metropolis 2000, AKA I Nuovi Barbari) is, pure and simply, an Italian ripoff of both Mad Max and its sequel The Road Warrior. Let's just start with that. It's a post-apocalyptic movie about a gang of, whatever they are, attempting to hunt down a man who left their gang to live on his own. Along the way, he runs into a band of innocent survivors who are threatened by the gang, and it's up to him to stop them. So yeah, very much a Road Warrior thing going on here. The thing is though is that it's ridiculously entertaining. It has Fred Williamson, George Eastman, men with horrible hairdos, bad costumes, explosions, lots of decapitations and shootings, plus a heaping helping of unintentional hilarity. Rifftrax recently did a riffing on it which I highly recommend, but it brought it to my attention, so now I'm bringing it to YOUR attention. Check it out.

John M (us) wrote: Excellent, classic Western that features John Wayne in perhaps his best performance! A great tribute to the Army of the 1800's, with great cinematography that famously features Monument Valley. Lots of superior supporting performances, especially Ben Johnson who shows off his actual horse riding prowess!

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: La Animacion cada vez mas avanzada , una historia con falta de profundidad tal vex en eso fallo , estuvo mejor que la ultima animacion de zemeckis

Sameen M (ca) wrote: I haven't had an issue with the Bronie movement ever, and I have less of a reason to now. These are just generally nice people with a strong sense of community. I love it, who cares what their interests are? Who cares what television shows they watch? They found something that brought them together, and they created a strong community from it.

Valria V (de) wrote: A fiction film where people can not feel the emotions.And one challenges the system.

Robert L (nl) wrote: My favorite war movie. Good to watch on Memorial Day! Very gritty. Has a somewhat indie film feel to it which I find appealing.