Bin Kamacha Navra

Bin Kamacha Navra


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Bin Kamacha Navra torrent reviews

Brian G (gb) wrote: Extremely boring movie, even if it was a survivalist film. They threw in a few screamers to try and keep you awake, but even that isn't enough.

Andrew M (au) wrote: I don't think the story worked. Granted, you could spend a lot of time looking for in-jokes in the background, but the foreground story just didn't click, even if it had some amusing moments.

Bobbo B (us) wrote: Well-acted, small-scale thriller.

John S (kr) wrote: Aside from its superb action scenes, Flash Point is completely and utterly ordinary, bland, and average. There is almost nothing else about the film that is entertaining or even interesting. The characters, the story, and the dialogue is all aggressively boring and the spectacular fight scenes aren't totally worth the trip. But they are spectacular. Flash Point does deserve merits for its unique fusion with Mixed Martial Arts and classic over-the-top Chinese action film goodness that is just delicious.

Richard F (gb) wrote: Life altering, one of the 10 most important films I've ever seen.

Brayden M (mx) wrote: Unarguably the best film representation of the Rwandan Genocide. It balances out suspense with realism amazingly: It's real. It's true to what the actual genocide was like. It absolutely doesn't hold back what it has to offer.

Movie K (es) wrote: Average movie about a bunch of bumbling robbers. Pretty boring with some useless characters. Jack Warden is the boss of a pawn shop and very shrewd. Donald Sutherland is a jobless man occasionally hire as watchman for the shop. He got a friend Wallace Shawn who basically just likes to eat. Donald is also seeing horny ticket maid Christine Baranski. Larry Riley is another jobless lousy pimp who has to take care his toddler son after the whore wife abandon them. Sean Penn and illegal immigrant Trinidad Silva are small thieves as well. Jack want Sean to install alarm system in his shop in exchange he can buy back his pawned guitar. Trinidad tell him to rig the system so they can rob it. Larry overheard their plan and tell Donald who is sick of been broke and poor, decide to rob the shop as well. He group them all together to plan the heist. Larry befriend a maid Charlayne Woodard who work in a unit at the apartment beside. He is there to recce. Jack bring a salmon to celebrate his mum's 90th birthday. After he lock the door, the heist began and plenty of problems ensures. Causes Donald plan to be behind schedule by several hours. Finally they drill hole in the unit and get down to the store. They were about to blow up the safe when Jack return. His mum passed away. A cat play with the switch and activate the bomb, blowing up the safe. The alarm ring and 2 cops arrive. Jack tell them they are his friends and the robbers are gone. He tell Donald the robbers are dumb to rob the safe because it is empty and unlocked, only for show. But they were there to grieve with him as friends and Jack just treat nothing happened.

Mayura W (ru) wrote: A modern robin hood in his teenage years. A cool plot. It's all good but not that great.

Scott R (gb) wrote: Pretty cheesy, but it was unforgettable.

Ariel V (br) wrote: A bit plain, but Hurt's performance won't let you turn the tv off...

Levonne P (it) wrote: Another one of my favorites! I sang one of the songs from this movie, to my young baby girl, ... 'they call the wind Maria'. Although we spelled it differently...Moriah, it was pronounced the same. She loved the song, and would always fall sound asleep. Beautifully sung by Harve Presnell.

Richard V (au) wrote: If you're like me, you wanted to watch the original Mad Max movies after seeing Fury Road, which is easily one of the best films of the decade and a landmark in cinema. So when I came to watch this original, I was left disappointed. In its 93 minute runtime, not much actually happens that really matters until well into the third act, and even then it doesn't really pick up speed until the final 20 minutes. Pacing is a problem in this movie. Mad Max had the right elements to be a mixture of The Warriors and Death Wish, but drags endlessly. And the saddest part is that with a modern day George Miller, these elements could have been tightened up, to really drive the elements that lead Max to go from jaded police officer to vigilante. It's just a shame we spend so little time on the latter, that it clearly means that The Road Warrior will promise a more exciting film.The cast is alright, but ultimately nothing really shocking here. Mel Gibson, who is great, fades into the background much like Tom Hardy's take on the character. But with it being a movie focused on Max's origins, it's problematic. And while it's interesting to see how he gets his car, how he loses his family, and how he lived in a world much like our own (surprising since in about 10 - 20 movie years, the world is apocalyptic), so much could have been removed or reshot so that the stronger parts of this movie take place earlier on, and we can see how bad-ass this character is.

Stephen B (kr) wrote: Un excellent George Clooney, mais une histoire assez fade vue et revue dans les sries tlvises et qui finalement n'apporte pas grand chose. C'est dommage parcequ'il est bien men sur la longueur et sans vritable fausse note.

Carlos M (de) wrote: The best of the odd-numbered Star Trek films, Insurrection doesn't boast nasty villains or terrible dangers but plays like a great extended TV episode, with a compelling plot that works as a smart political commentary on Western imperialism.

James S (ag) wrote: The pitch for this film is simple: This is much more a mystery / thriller than anything else and I doubt many out there will be able to predict how things play out.

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 86%Things we lost in the fire benefits from its most eccentric script that is too often meandering and careless, but allows it to deviate from a cliched path. The film also has a powerhouse performance from Benicio Del Toro and Berry in one of her best roles. The film is a potent look into addiction, love and recovery. Bier's cinematography technique of focussing on the eyes of the characters give the film a unique feel.