Bin Phere Hum Tere

Bin Phere Hum Tere

A 1979 Bollywood Drama

Jamuna lives a poor lifestyle in Gangapur with her widowed step-mother. She is of marriageable age, but instead of getting her married, she is sold to her maternal uncle, Mukand Bihari, who... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig B (jp) wrote: LoudQUIETLoud is an unexpectedly delightful treat for lovers of The Pixies. Ever since their album Doolittle hit the stores in 1989, I've been an avid fan of this band's sound. Oddly, before seeing this, I'd never read any interviews about the band, I'd never seen any live footage of their performances, nor had I ever attended a Pixies concert! It's just one of those odd coincidences; they kind of fell through the cracks of my life. And after seeing this film, I realized that I've been carrying around some fairly large misconceptions about the band and its members. Some of these misconceptions seem weird when I say them out loud. So, for those of you who actually know the history of The Pixies, bear with me...I'm an idiot. Misconception #1: "Michael Kittridge Thompson aka Black Francis aka Frank Black is gay." In reality, he's married and has two children. I have no idea where I picked up this misconception, but I've had it for a LONG time. I really have no excuse for this one. Sorry, Frank. I guess I should read Rolling Stone more often. Misconception #2: "Before the split, the band was inseparable." Obviously, I'd heard about the contentious way the band split up, but I always saw them as one of those groups that hung out a lot together. This misconception was of my own devising. Their music always sounded so fun and lively, I assumed they HAD to be best buds. LoudQUIETLoud dispels these silly notions. From the conversations they have about old times to the isolationist attitudes of the four individuals, you can tell they really didn't speak that much to one another when they weren't cranking out music. Misconception #3: "Kelley who?" Yes, Kim Deal has a twin sister and yes, that sister was actually a member of The Breeders, Kim's successful post-Pixies spin-off band. How the hell did I miss this? I bet you they even show up together in the Cannonball video, and I never noticed! Okay, I've exposed myself. Even fact diggers like me can be monumentally clueless sometimes. I'm just surprised these weird little bombshells have been sitting on my front porch all these years, unnoticed. For those of you who already knew these glaring trivialities, I apologize for my public "the earth is round!?" moment and assure you that the music is worth the rental. For those of you who've never even heard of the Pixies...the above facts are true and the music is worth the rental.

Jesus C (ag) wrote: la mejor pelicula!!!!

Remi L (it) wrote: From the same documentarian that brought you Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam and Kurt & Courtney, comes our favorite conspiracy theorist with some interesting theories and oft-repeated questions about the murders of famous rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Though Broomfield's films definitely have a low quality feel to them, the man also presses issues and asks the uncomfortable questions most people would be afraid to ask if they actually got to face the people who could give them those answers. This man travels into Biggie's and Tupac's childhood neighborhoods with no protection to ask their friends what they were like, what their opinions of the murders were, and even goes to prison to visit Suge Knight himself. Knight even references the Heidi Fleiss documentary, demanding that he not be made a fool like she was.Broomfield brings up an interesting theory: was Tupac murdered by his father figure Suge Knight because he wanted to leave Death Row Records? And did Knight have Biggie murdered to make their deaths look connected? Though only a handful of people agree with/confirm his theory, Broomfield makes a VERY convincing argument that keeps you hooked and helps you overlook the grainy look of his film.

Alex C (mx) wrote: Slightly reminiscent of Rashomon. It's nice to have unexpected twists and turns in your movie, but Basic has a few too many. I'm not even sure if all the pieces fit together in the end... I want to like this movie, but I'm not sure I do.

Spermian J (it) wrote: Tupac's unhinged portrayal of Bishop is the guiding force behind Juice's impactful narrative.

Anna C (mx) wrote: Silly little romantic comedy.

Allison R (ag) wrote: I love this movie. I watched it as a kid and enjoyed it, now I watch it with my kids. Its a great kid movie.