Biohazard: Patient Zero

Biohazard: Patient Zero

Two young scientists are swept up in a government plot to suppress the truth about a biological disaster at a genetic research facility.

the truth about a biological disaster at a genetic research facility. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Biohazard: Patient Zero torrent reviews

Laura M (jp) wrote: It kind of assumed that you knew general biographical information about Yves Saint Larent and glossed over some details that might have helped the movie be stronger. For what it was, it was good, but it could have been better.

Donna L (au) wrote: I pretty much enjoyed watching this. A new weird reason to fear storms, hehe

Dave C (gb) wrote: A David Mamet screenplay, he also directed and starring Mirren and Pacino telling the post first trial story of Phil Spector's trial for murder., which is probably closer to a play than a movie.Inevitably the film deals with the prejudices for and against celebrity and the film itself, as do all the characters and you/me as the audience.Even the reviewers here on Rotten Tomatoes do it.Pacino shows Spector as a barely sane has been whose live seems as mysterious to him as it does to us. A performance of operatic overstatement surrounded by a case with buckets of circumstantial evidence and only one witness.The victim is certainly absent from the film.In many ways this is a slight made for TV movie, but it is mesmerising at the same time.See it if you can.

Jim W (mx) wrote: To me, this is one of those movies whose ratings benefited from the art-house bell curve. Yes, Katie Jarvis' performance was good, but come on, you hired an unknown angsty teen to play an unknown angsty teen. What would you expect? The film's real failing was in the ending. It did a fine job of building multiple plot crescendos, but in the end, failed to deliver on any of the "tions" . No redemption. No salvation. No damnation. This movie had me expecting all of these, but in the end, merely left me with "Oh. Ok. I guess that was the end. Hmmph."

Ashmita C (au) wrote: Simply one of the best Indian movies I have watched, and I have watched many. Stunning performances, inspiring, guiding, true depiction of the time. Helps you know your courage, focus and leaves you grateful and smiling.

Schae B (kr) wrote: This is a really good movie. It's not a stupid showgirl movie like showgirls, it show these girls go through the highs and lows of life. It is really a nice film.

Rob R (fr) wrote: Pretty good film if you are looking for some laid back entertainment.

jon m (fr) wrote: Should be a cult hit cuz it's that good!

Cory T (br) wrote: Starting like a soft-core Red Shoe Diaries episode, the guitar score is less heart-throbbing and more chintzy. In a sociological study on murderous psychology, 'Kalifornia' delves headlong into sociopathic analysis (Duchovny asserts that serial killers can distinguish between right and wrong and they should receive the death penalty). These aspects of the film are intrinsically provocative. However, Duchovny's voiceover is a sleep tranquilizer like Harrison Ford's lukewarm narration in 'Blade Runner'. He waxes poetic about how serial killers "dream they can fly" and it sounds irredeemably pretentious. Pitt is superficial unkemptness as the hayseed Early and he is such a dimwit that he can hardly be classified as a threat (Early romanticizes California with claims that there "ain't no speed limits and the first month is rent free."). Anything spouted by Juliette Lewis is a juvenile stereotype of Southern yokels (she doesn't fathom the definition of the word "karma") and she is intolerable in the role. Early's parole officer with the hook appendage is extremely cartoonish. The cross-cutting of the two stories is awfully uneven since we are more enthralled with Early's impecunious trailer lifestyle than Brian's nave obsessions. Truthfully, 'Kalifornia' is a vapid exercise in David Fincher style, but its declarations about the ill-bred origins of serial killers are shallow.

Michael L (fr) wrote: Just too unbelievable, the Borneons do not look anything like those I see on NatGeo!

Barry M (jp) wrote: Having recently watched this again, after what 18 years? I was pleasantly surprised to discover a tight, low-budget gem. A delicious, over the top performance from Lane Smith, with an early indication of why Viggo Mortensen ended up as L.O.T.R's King. Not much to it, but heartening to see at least an element of wit in what can often be a po-faced genre.

Jim B (gb) wrote: Masterpiece of human struggle and class system.

David B (fr) wrote: this was the perfect role for paul kaye, some nice dialogue, great soundtrack.