Bir ses böler geceyi

Bir ses böler geceyi


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Spi B (gb) wrote: An adorable & funny movie about becoming more-than-OK with who you are and what skin you are in. Very likeable cast and a very fun flick. Kudos to all involved.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Anh H (ag) wrote: OMG Jennifer Aniston is so hot. That's it. I'm out of nice things to say about this film.

Sylvester K (br) wrote: Christian Slater single handedly saved this dreadful black comedy. All of the characters (Except for Cameron and Christian) were absolutely dull and annoying. It wasn't funny at all, just really loud mostly. Peter Berg should have gotten someone to read the script before allowing it to be used, geez. The amount of gore was surprisingly adequate. Never have bachelor party, ever. (If you really want to have one, do not to invite Jews)

Elliott B (gb) wrote: A criminally underrated masterpiece of story, acting, lighting, creature creation, and wonderful set designs that go above and beyond budget restrictions. Can't see how any potential remake is ever going to top it.

Owen W (ag) wrote: The half star is for the boobs. And that's being generous.

Randall A (de) wrote: In my opinion this is Hoffman's best performance.

Gary S (au) wrote: Giant leeches (which have been made that way by nuclear radiation) go on the rampage in the Florida everglades. They do not really look like people in rubber suits, honest (!?).

Julianna Y (es) wrote: Excellent example of story-telling. Even with the critical ending being lost and recreated from stills, the movie had me thoroughly engrossed right to the end.

Armando B (ca) wrote: It was not that good as people are saying, but what i did understand about this movie is that it was a good story about real people who have real problems and choose to go outside the box to solve it. In one word refreshing, as that being said for this being a good film, and seeing the beautiful Aubrey Plaza on screen, I give " Safety Not Guaranteed " a C-.