Birbal My Brother

Birbal My Brother


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Trey K (nl) wrote: absolutely horrible absolutely horrid

Pouyan S (ru) wrote: Poetic, inspirational and dazzling imagery... But not a typical Herzog documentary. Too long, would have been a great 45 min IMAX docu.

Kyle F (gb) wrote: Low budget and dreadful.

Charles P (it) wrote: This is a shockingly incompetent exercise in bloated, nonstop action - artless, humorless, incoherent, and unimaginative.

Will L (de) wrote: Rob Zombie's feature debut is fearlessly sadistic, and it features many affectionate nods to some splatter classics, and some memorable villains. Unfortunately, there is very little to latch onto in this film; likable characters, compelling story, etc. But the images onscreen will be forever seared into my brain, and I have to give the film credit for that.

Aj V (mx) wrote: The only reason to watch this is to listen to the sound of Rickman's voice, and watch him be sensual. The rest of it is boring and stupid. Also if you're going to watch it, turn the volume up a lot, because otherwise you wont hear a thing. Everyone is so annoying in this movie you just want to get a time machine and smack whoever was a real person. (Not sure if these were all real people in Mesmer's life or if they were created for the film.) Overall, this isn't a good movie although it is made well and based on a true story.

Luc L (kr) wrote: A bland comedy about stuntmen and filmmaking.

Gregory W (de) wrote: good crime caper drama

Timothy H (us) wrote: adam sandler + disney = a very fine comedy do you need more?

Ed B (kr) wrote: A great sequel in the children of the corn franchise. Adam Wylie was great.

D M (ru) wrote: A research scientist who was burned up in an explosion set by the mob, uses an artificial skin he created in order to create disguises in order to get vengeance. A superhero film oftentimes in the style of 1940s pulp comics. Sam Rami directs and Frances McDormand and Liam Neeson star in this action/horror comedy with appearances by Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Joel and Ethan Cohen driving a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88.