Three college friends are fed up with the men in their lives and take charge of their own fate.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Bishh torrent reviews

Gary K (kr) wrote: Rubbish - enough said.

Kyle B (br) wrote: Three separate vignettes come together to make one fantastically twisted film

Leo S (gb) wrote: Quite complicated story

bill s (es) wrote: Better than expected intelligent drama with a good lead performance by Aniston.

Jennifer L (nl) wrote: yeah i wanted it to be good and it just wasn't

Private U (mx) wrote: Very fun and hip film. Dark humor is a huge factor that plays out wonderfully. A little Tarantino-esque.

Nick C (gb) wrote: For Kim basinger it gets half a star and for dan akroyd the other half....

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: The French Resistance is where this examination begins but there's not a single scene showing a train being blown up or lines being furtively cut in the dead of night ... rather it's a look at the interior damage wrought when choosing to resist tyranny at all, the isolation, the loneliness, the agonizing fear of trusting yourself. Must see.

Rodney E (ca) wrote: Like other anthology stories this one has a weak link that casts a weaker shadow. For me it was the vampire segment with Karloff.

Navin J (fr) wrote: it's hard to believe that winning combination of Tara Reid, Vinnie Jones and Rachael Hunter couldn't make this movie a success... but sadly they couldn't.

Victor B (br) wrote: Poor, tasteless and badly acted. With an absurd message at the end of 'Bride Wars' is perfect for the selfish and prejudiced.

Scott S (ru) wrote: Pretty good cop buddy movie.

Jovi J (ca) wrote: i watched this for the first time tonight july 2016 and I think it is too complicated for kids and too simple for adults. time travel is a difficult thing to pull off in movies. a lot of feel good stuff within the movie but overall a weak movie especially compared to other Disney animated movies.