Bitter Victory

Bitter Victory

A commander receives a citation for an attack on Rommel's headquarters, which is actually undeserved as the commander is unfit for his job. On top of that, unbeknownst to him, his wife is having an affair with one of his officers.

A commander receives a citation for an attack on Rommel's headquarters, which is actually undeserved as the commander is unfit for his job. On top of that, unbeknownst to him, his wife is having an affair with one of his officers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (es) wrote: Slightly comic in its approach, it can be quite brutal at times too, with Matthew McConaughey really enjoying his unlikeable character and letting loose on everyone else with him.

Eric H (it) wrote: SILENT SOULS is an extraordinary and hypnotic movie set in the landscape and culture of a remote industrial town in the north of Russia. The subtlety and grace with which a story of passion and friendship between two men is told is brilliant; their lives intersect and combine on a sad journey they moreake together. It's a story of passion and loss, revealed bit by bit as these two men carry out a traditional ritual for disposing of the dead. The camera work is superb. It reminded me of Bela Tarr's movies. Long slow shots with perfect music allow the viewer to take a moment to collect himself and reflect on what he's just seen, and they draw us into the atmosphere of the trip these two are experiencing. A highly original film, SILENT SOULS will make it into my small collection of great movies. Highly recommended.

Phelim M (jp) wrote: Every time something becomes really popular a mass of unimaginative and mercenary people will latch on to the idea and spin as many cheap copies as they can. I don't so much mean sequels as I do just plain rip offs. Like when Pokemon became massive there was Digimon, after the Lord of the Rings films were released there were a tonne of crappy films about elves and orcs etc.; and Shaun of the Dead caused a swathe of terrible Zombie horror films to be released and when Matt Damon came along soon after the cheap knock-off that is Mark Wahlberg appeared and so on. It just happens, people leech off the success of such things and almost always do it really badly. Now the premise of Saw has almost been drained dry by its never ending sequels but with Are You Scared? some uninspiring person copied and pasted the whole concept shamelessly and then tore it to pieces with a complete lack of any skill. The film begins with an average looking woman waking up in some sort of factory. (Now I sometimes complain that people in films are far too attractive and not representative of real life but I have to admit when I see average looking women in a film I instantly think this is probably going to be a poor low-budget show and it usually is.) A voice on a tannoy tells her that there's a modelling contract in a tank of water and she has to press one of the buttons to ... do something so she can get the contract...not entirely sure what the hell was happening. This makes no sense. I mean, does she believe her kidnapper and the person who is physically abusing her is a modelling agency? Or are we meant to believe that a contract is a thing like an apple or an object that you can just get rather than it being an agreement so he can just find them on the street and give them to whoever? Anyway the tank is actually full of acid and when she reaches in to get it it burns her face off. I'd love to know how the contract in the actual tank hasn't dissolved but hey ho. Then we move on and a bunch of unlikeable characters are all introduced as they wake up in an abondoned factory. We have this average looking girl who's all tough as nails and who I diagnose as sexually frustrated; then some long haired Shaggy bearded skater type character who has a t-shirt with a skate boarder on it like he's a five year old; then a stereotypical black dude who's all pissed off and talks the stereotypical black man's language that I didn't understand other than when he said "shhet" now and again in a really cool way, other wise I just wanted him to shut up which he refused to do even when in a room on his own; then come Hansel and Gretel as the black dude referred to them and this pretty much sums them up, they're a couple of very plain, non-interesting Aryan twins and lastly we have the skimpily-dressed, dim-witted yet only slightly above average looking girl. So we have our typical cast for a horror film centring around young people as victims. The dealio is that they all applied to be in some reality T.V. show were they face their worst fears and believe this is it. One or two of them are a bit concerned, not surprisingly seeing as they've been essentially kidnapped and the black dude has some horrible scar on his chest but then the rest are just plain stupid. So the man on the tannoy tells them they all have to face their worst fears and they really do in that they're put in apparently hopeless traps were they must either suffer horribly or die. Very Saw-ish. On a whole this is a very badly done film. The acting was appalling. The hard-as-nails girl was obviously from the onset going to be the main character but she was so unlikeable and dropped heavy yet unnecessary, melodramatic hints about how hard her life was and how she needs to win and how she wants to escape and how I don't give a damn. The black dude will get on your tits and you'll just lose call interest in the rest. The bad guy, who's apparently called 'Tetris', for no apparent reason other than it is reminiscent of Jigsaw I suppose, has a horribly burnt face making him look like how Roger Moore looks these days. Unlike Saw this dude's motive makes absolutely no sense (as opposed just a bittle lit of sense with Saw). Apparently his motto is 'To get what you want in life you have to suffer'. At no point does he offer any of these people what they want, some of his traps are inescapable and his own back story is completely unrelated to this stupid motive as well. His motive should have simply been that he wants to kill the sort of people who apply to take part in reality T.V. shows. That would have made perfect sense and would have got me onboard. While I say that some of his traps are inescapable one was just badly thought out altogether. The skater dude is put in a room with some shotguns pointing all around head level at point blank range and if he moves to the sides there are these strings that will pull the triggers. So just duck you dumb moron, that way you'll not set them off and you'll be out of their firing range! (See Pic) The characters were all absolute morons. It stresses you out watching them be so stupid. Horribly directed, this film has some of the worst slow motion usage of all time. A scene were a man has a drill rammed into his head was put together exactly like the scene in the Godfather 3 were Don Corleone's daughter is shot. Slow motion and silent screaming made an intense emotional scene there but here turned a potentially gory scene into a farce. Oh and there is also a detective sub plot. A normal detective and an FBI agent are on the case of the murderer. The detective looks like the most unconfident man ever whilst the FBI agent keeps giving these bullshit monologues and looks like she's about to burst out laughing most of the time. The main problems with these scenes are that you kept forgetting about them. There'd be like 15 minutes of the group in the factory and then 30 seconds of these detectives doing nothing and so on and secondly, this story went NOWHERE!! It's worse than Scatman Crothers in The Shining The flaws in this film are endless and the worst thing is that the ending of the film is biggest abomination of all so I can't whinge about it without spoiling it (as if anyone cares anyway but I know you horrible people would rate me down). The film has very little merits but it's not completely devoid of entertainment value. I suppose if you haven't seen Saw you may enjoy it more but the Saw films render this film obsolete. Some of the horrific traps the people were put into were imaginative even if nonsensical in the context of the killer's motive and it does have a bit of a gore factor. ***Of Import*** Where do people get the time, money and energy to be bothered becoming twisted serial killers like in Saw and this. I mean I decided to write this review yesterday and even with nothing to do all day I put it off to 23.15 and even then I was seriously considering just youtubing an hour away instead. The stereotypical black dude died first out of the group. That's another one for the tally of that happening. I went to the toilet when watching this film and whilst at the toilet I though "I don't have to go back. I can escape from watching it" Then I realised I can go back and not watch. I don't have to run away the T.V. isn't the boss of me. So I went back determined but ended up watching the rest. ***Who I'd Punch*** The tough main character girl. She'd be all like- "I am so hard. My dad was bad to me so I'm now the alpha female as a result. Check my leadership" and I would walk on to the set grab her by the back of the head and slam it into the wall. Then two thumbs up to the camera and goofy smile. ***Trailer*** I'm not showing you it. ***Lastly*** Ain't no good. Apparently there's a sequel for this. Seriously, for why? I reckon the hard-core communists could really put this on a pedestal as capitalism gone mad. Are You Scared? 2 is a direct result of capitalism gone mad. Worse than United Fruit and sweatshops. It only costs 1 but they're selling big bags of Sensations for 1 at the garage. Think about it. Written by Phelim McC. If you steal it and provided you're on a set I will walk on to the set grab you by the back of the head and slam it into the wall. Then two thumbs up to the camera with a goofy smile.

Pnlope C (gb) wrote: Realisation captivante, comediens justes et tragiques...

ToMaSaN (kr) wrote: Natural City was a well crafted story, borrowing many themes from Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, it did a great job of revamping these themes and showcasing them in modern day filming. Overall though, Natural City isn't anything we haven't seen before. The characters were colorful, the visuals were amazing, and the combat androids were freaking crazy! I thought Dr. Giro was really weird too, there is always some brainiac Japananese Doctor like that in lots of anime and future movies about androids. It was right up my alley, but it might not rub off so well on people who aren't into the cyberpunk, android scene. It is however rich in story and a spectacle for the eye. A good watch.

Brian R (br) wrote: I admire the character Bob Crane who is known for acting in the 1960's TV series "Hogan's Heroes" but there is a haunting personal side of Crane I didn't know and that was his passion (actually his obsession) with photography and video equipment while mixing it in with his sexual escapades with women. Filmmaker Paul Schrader knows these characters inside out from his Travis Bickle, to Wade Whithouse and even Mishima. It is Crane's personal dark obsession that I instantly noticed. The first half is filled with Crane's happy life(Schrader and his crew uses bright colors to suggest the feeling) as the film reaches the early 1970's the colors start to drab a little and the camera movement becomes shaky because Crane's life at that time was getting WAY to shaky. Greg Kinnear was born to play the DJ/Actor sensation and Dafoe is creepy as John Carpenter. Premise: Auto Focus is a cautionary tale of addiction. What kills Crane, it says, is a lethal combination of sex, video, and celebrity: Because of his fame he can go to bed with a different woman (or several) every night. And because the mid-'60s marks the birth of a new technology-home video-and he's pals with a celebrity hanger-on named John Carpenter (a prodigiously cretinous Willem Dafoe) who works at Sony, he can videotape his conquests and relive them whenever he wants to. Which is basically all the time.

Jared P (ag) wrote: It's really dumb but it's also entertaining.

Pete K (gb) wrote: So good! Don't listen to the critics. This is one you'll want to see with the guys.

Dan B (de) wrote: Low key Chabrol which comes across as a kind of mildly Sapphic Mr. Ripley, in which almost nothing happens, albeit in a very sensuous and stylish way. Hypnotic rather than gripping and marred by the presence of two of the most annoying supporting characters you(TM)re ever likely to see, but if French cinema(TM)s your bag, it(TM)s not without its merits.

Jao R (it) wrote: what a piece of shit. a total piece of shit movie.

Michael R (es) wrote: A very interesting role was played by Josh Hutcherson in which depicted a young boy with a large talent. This talent was first discovered by scam artists only interested in making money. Every scene was carefully executed. All in all it was a great movie and should be enjoyed by all.

Luke C (ca) wrote: Not one of Wes Craven's greatest offerings, but still a watchable. Wouldn't really class it as a horror, even when it was a new release. This seems like a TV Movie, still a good way to waste a couple of hours!