Biùtiful cauntri

Biùtiful cauntri


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:poison,   trash,   ecology,  

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Biùtiful cauntri torrent reviews

Robert D (it) wrote: Never has a movie been so aptly titled. Be warned!

oxana (ca) wrote: As a Jared Leto -fan, the first thing that caight my eye was the fact that I could not see "Jared" behind Raymond's character. Some gestures and expressions were familiar - but that's about it. This speaks of some really fine acting.Travolta is pretty stiff, Gandolfini just narrates, and Hayek is unpredictable and the seemingly real lunatic in the movie.In a way, I like this. But I wouldn't have watched it without Leto in it. Yet, for those who do not fear the darker side of humanity: go ahead and watch!

Anatoly S (it) wrote: A damn good Dutch WWII film. Fantastic acting. A great story that will for sure leave you thinking about aspects of war that you haven't previously considered. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Deshawn V (mx) wrote: A loving tribute that knows how to laugh at itself.

Alexei G (jp) wrote: This movie was just plain garbage. Everything about it was thoroughly weak and unimpressive, and it feels horribly outdated for its time. And you know what? That's all I can say other than you can tell from the very start that it would suck.

Cassandra M (au) wrote: A gruelling watch, but one of Bergman's finest films. Interesting to compare this with The Hour of the Wolf, as both feature the same lead actors as artists (or an artist and his wife) who have taken sanctuary on an island. In the earlier film it's largely inner demons that lead to von Sydows disintegrating personality (at least that's how I read it) whereas here it's very much circumstances beyond his control.Much has been written about the unsympathetic central characters, particularly von Sydow's. For me there are flashes of a good (if flawed) man early in the film, but one who copes badly with adversity. The flaws become all that is left as his humanity is gradually eroded by one horror after another.I watched A Passion (Ullmann and von Sydow on their island again) soon after this, and was amazed to recognise many of the same locations. And then there's a dream sequence...

Jamison R (fr) wrote: This is a confused western. Bogart is in an odd role in a supporting effort. His portrayal of the bandito was hard to get on board with. Flynn was solid but the movie really got bogged down in parts and went on way too long.