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Japes (br) wrote: You can tell it's a student film by the poor lighting in some shots. If they got the chance to make a movie, you'd think they'd make one that has a little more substance than a person/thing/ghost killing people. We've only seen that 1 trillion times before. There's no character development, bad acting, no plot (literally there's not a plot) and the ending makes you say well, there was no point to this, was there?

Chastin M (ru) wrote: It's as important as it is powerful.

Joe O (au) wrote: Good British horror. Loads of gore, neds getting their intestines ripped out. Whats not to like?

diyah k (es) wrote: aku suka sekali film ini

Pete D (fr) wrote: Pretty enjoyable cult-blaxploitation-classic

Mike J (ag) wrote: This movie has it all. Turn by turn action, great plot, and talented actors. I have seen my share of psychological thrillers, but this one is Terrific. The director has made the slow unraveling of lies snag your thoughts, and compromises what you are lead to believe is the truth.

Joyce A (fr) wrote: It's better if you read it paperback first to elaborate the story further.

Chris B (ru) wrote: Kurosawa's most personal and moving film to date for me. Touching, poignant, and utterly human, Ikiru is a triumph of human will and life itself. Takashi Shimura delivers a powerhouse performance as both a young man, in flashbacks, and a gray haired old man full of regret in present day. After losing his wife, he spends the next 30 years going through the motions in a meaningless job and forgetting to actually live. When he is diagnosed with stomach cancer he is given only 6 months to live, and it's at this time he decides to finally live life to the fullest. Sad, hopeful, thoughtful, trying, and so raw with emotion that you feel Watanabe's (Shimura) grief foremost but also his hope.Ikiru proves that Kurosawa wasn't just a master of samurai films and can handle a human drama with the utmost care and potency. Any film that can push the viewer to think about their own life and what it is that they are living for has done it's job when trying to show the meaning of life and what it is all for. While the film is grim and at the beginning downright hopeless and sad, once Watanabe finds his reason to live finally, he has renewed purpose and drive and lives his final months at the fullest.

Susie B (fr) wrote: I love Ryan Reynolds in strong roles.

Spencer P (kr) wrote: With all the classic sharp-shooting and humorous Western conventions you can expect, though drawn out a little long, My Darling Clementine is a more domesticated effort of John Ford.