Journey into the mind of the undead, as a talking mummy guides us on grand tour of the timeless "battle of the sexes" between man and woman. A cult classic from Executive Producer Richard Gordon, BIZARRE is an offbeat anthology film that certainly defies description. An interesting mix of sex, horror and humor filmed in varied styles, this is certainly one of the strangest films you are ever likely to see. It is truly… BIZARRE!

A brainy sex flick with a sense of humor, the film begins with a narrator/mummy who guides us through a number of vignettes promising to show what some of us go through in the pursuit of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh B (ag) wrote: Great sequel. I hope there's another in the works.

Caleb C (es) wrote: As one reviewer said it best "The heartbreak of Lolita and the intrigue of American Beauty.." For me, it felt like it hit on some of the notes from those films here, but without the whole pedophilic element slipping in here. It was like watching the solid dramatic pieces from the series Skins, while remaining fresh on it's own and completely engaging all the way through. This is a coming of age tale of the grandest kind and for anyone that loves good film making and doesn't get offended easily will love this beautiful and tragic piece of work.

Mochamad F (ca) wrote: quite surprise this movie is underrated

Don S (ru) wrote: Listed on movie sites a a horror or psychological thriller, this movie starring the lovely and talented Marisa Tomei is neither of those. It is a poor movie exploring the unfortunate mental unraveling of a young thirties mother of three. Tomei is fabulous. The remainder of it - story, pacing, direction, is horrible.

alex f (ru) wrote: steve and dennis are gold and i think are a great prison duo, but what i most liked about this movie was the way the story ran and how it was essentially 2 movies made into one. i didnt find it to drag or get boring and some of the mcqueen scenes just make you say outloud "this guy is fucking crazy".