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Blå måndag


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GB B (ag) wrote: Very predictable. However, the sex scenes are between a husband and wife, so that was a refreshing change. Diane Keaton was the absolute best part. I almost think she's like a fine wine, she gets better with age (although I don't know how, since she's been amazing since the 70s!!!) She's an absolute delight to watch in this film.

Allie M (mx) wrote: wanna marry this movie

Tim W (fr) wrote: This version is crap and offensive to Richard Williams' original dream. Watch the Recobbled version (which my rating is for). It was simple but interesting and funny and brilliantly animated with great music and little dialogue and fantastic visuals. It was the original Aladdin! That's right, Aladdin was a rip off.

Dustin P (ru) wrote: It's very annoying watching them create so many lies. You'd think one of the characters would have stopped and said "Maybe it would be easier if we just told the truth to everyone". Both characters are terrible people. They lied multiple times to his relatives & friends and never seemed very regretful about it.It was ridiculous that Steve Martin's character went with the whole charade in the first place. If a guy had a one night stand with a women and she broke into his house and moved in, any guy would call the cops! Pretty weak plot and it never had any laugh out loud moments.

Eduardo C (au) wrote: Quite possibly the most depressing film ever made, it is about the destitute, starving poor of Germany immediately after World war two. The main character is a 12 year old boy who struggles valiantly to take care of his family. Only 72 minutes, but very intense. This film will haunt you.

Chris G (br) wrote: There's more to this film than it's grindhouse stylings. More than Christina Ricci's tits anyway.

Anthony A (gb) wrote: Quite a trip down early 90's memory lane. Reminded me a lot of the 3DO gaming system and it's CD-ROM video based video games.

Noah H (au) wrote: One of the funniest movie plots of all time but you will only laugh a few times in the total run time.