Black is an adaptation of Helen Keller's autobiography. Black revolves around a blind and deaf girl, and her relationship with her teacher who himself later develops Alzheimer's disease.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:122 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   snow,   ball,  

Paul and Catherine McNally give birth to their first daughter, Michelle, who can neither hear nor see. But later, with the help from her teacher, Michelle can get a ray of light into her world of BLACK. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iris L (ag) wrote: Well done crime thriller. Not every case needs to be lost. Looking forward to watching others from this series.

Joanna B (nl) wrote: A uniquely slanted and socially conscious retelling of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, this emo-flavored zom-rom-com penned by Isaac Marion adapted and directed by Jonathan Levine is a portrait of adolescent alienation rather than the usual zombie gore fest. R (Nicolas Moult) has issues, he's a zombie. Merely existing with his metabolically challenged neighbours at the airport, the inexplicably self-aware R and cohort painstakingly grunt and shuffle their way through eternity in the post-apocalyptic wastelands that is North America whilst craving an ever dwindling supply of human brains that sustains not only their hunger but induces a fleeting drug-like-high from the memories contained within.After devouring a particularly disturbed teenage boy, R is overwhelmed with feelings of love for is victim's still breathing sweetheart, Julie (Teresa Palmer). Preventing her imminent death at the mouths of his fellow dead; R brings his new light in the darkness back to his makeshift jumbo-jet home filled with a bizarre mish-mash thrift-shop worthy pop-culture memorabilia. An unlikely romance blossoms between the odd couple, setting off a chain of events that will transform R, the undead, and maybe even the whole lifeless world. But will Julie's stubbornness lead the hordes directly into the last remaining human refuge or is there something worse to fear than your average rotting corpse? Backed by Summit Entertainment, like their recent box office fantasy juggernaut, The Twilight Saga, Warm Bodies doesn't feel the need to explain its bastardization of subject. Its breaks from tradition are likely to disappoint genre purists but its distinctive perspective of being carried by the zombie rather than its survivors married with its lead characters internal self-mocking tenor, makes the pseudo-indie film worthwhile (well most of it - as usual the last 10 minutes need exemption). British Hoult's expressiveness carries R, while Australian Palmers naivety does Julie justice and although their chemistry is no-existent, their faux American accents are quite believable. Their respective best friends, the brilliantly casted Rob Corddry and Analeigh Tipton bring an extra dabble of Shakespearean flavor whilst adding comic buoyancy whilst the the supremely talented John Malkovich and dreadfully funny Dave Franco were as dead as the films topic and their simply to cash a paycheck. The Verdict: Sidestepping the glaringly obvious social issues of necrophilia, Warm bodies fuses teen drama and the ickiest (and usually un-sexiest ) form of the undead in a zombie hot pocket of guiltily tasty cinema.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 13/04/2013

Peter P (ag) wrote: Interesting doc. that mixes news footage, interviews and home video from a couple that lived through Katrina and helped many of their neighbors stay alive. It is sometimes a little hard to watch due to the video, but overall it is a good example of what happened in New Orleans and how much that city was hurt by the weather and then by the government that ignored their suffering.

Brandon S (de) wrote: The purpose of a documentary is to provide accurate information. If that is the criterion by which "Expelled" should be graded, then it receives an easy F.

Jonathan M (es) wrote: American pie band camp is better than the book of love ( who lets face it was plain terrible) in the tradition of the previous films with the uncensored gimmickry to do anything to get in a woman's pants or to see her naked body. Strangely enough , when you watch an american pie movie , you should know what you are getting into , Yes , women are objectified and yes if you would do any of this, you'd end up in jail. However , again , when you watch this type of movies , you should know what you are getting into : Crude early 2000's humor. Now is it funny ? You'll get a few smiles and perhaps a few chuckle out of it , but it's nothing close to the originals. Band Camp is your typical high school / teen movie, it is not not a really good movie... However to be fair , I unfortunately saw worst..

Maine G (gb) wrote: "Every heart is a revolutionary cell."Brilliant conversations and exchange of arguments between three young radicals and a radical turned conservative-capitalist old man. It's a very interesting observation on how time and other factors consume the idealism of an individual. I hope not but I think I just saw how my mind will work in 20 years with all the current ideals being drained. This is an interesting film - fantastic acting, great one-liners, the 'free-love' stuff, intense at some points, with not so Hollywood-ish directing style.


Ben L (br) wrote: I have a real soft spot for good teen romantic comedies. I don't know why but there's still a sense of innocence to these love stories that captivates me. However, in my opinion 10 Things I Hate About You transcends its genre. Perhaps it's the fact that they gave the film a strong foundation by basing it on a Shakespeare play, or perhaps it's just the caliber of actors in the film. I'm not sure what it is, but I find this movie so entertaining. There's a lot of humor that is laugh-out-loud funny, particularly when Larry Miller goes to work. I also love how they make a number of jokes without calling attention to it. There are subtle things that happen in the background which are funnier because they let you discover it for yourself without needing constant terrible punchlines. The plot is elegantly constructed, and makes sense based on the personalities established for each character. The script is brilliant in the way it sets up those personalities without a lot of exposition. Most of the background character work is done through showing instead of telling, something that should be common sense but many modern screenwriters struggle with it. The film has 2 different romances that I find emotional and believable, which is 2 more than you'll find in many other rom-coms. I'm probably alone in taking 10 Things I Hate About You so seriously, but I think it holds up brilliantly, and I find watching it a delight every time.

Drew C (jp) wrote: Just say no, to crappy sequels. Not that the sight of Whoopi's gams shouldn't have scared you off anyway.

Bex K (nl) wrote: "Irish" accents (from the leads) so bad it almost distracts you from how terrible their acting is, either eerily silent or with music that will make your soul cry, cringing is as emotionally involved as you'll get with this B-movie romance - The only surprising quality of this dreadful film is that it manages to distort space and time like a cinematographic blackhole making 2 hours 20 seem like a cold eternity where no one can hear your scream.

Allan C (ru) wrote: I really wasn't familiar with Joe Orton, but regardless of that, I liked this film quite a lot. Great performances by Oldman and the underused Molina.

Sheppard S (gb) wrote: Don't remember teparticulars of this mvie...saw it maybe 30 years ago. But ut scared the po dunk out of me. Great camera shots, and of course Susan looked ravishing.

Carlos M (au) wrote: The kind of wholesome production made in those days but with a fabulous constellation of stars to make it an unforgettable Hollywood classic - especially Joan Crawford and Lionel Barrymore, who are so great that they even manage to outshine the rest of the cast.

Andrew G (fr) wrote: Simply put, it's campy, stylish, explosive, and tons of fun. One of Van Damme's best, elevated further by having him up against a pair of ruthless, charismatic villains.