Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell's classic 1877 novel beautifully comes to life in this family drama set in England. Told from the point of view of Black Beauty himself, the story sheds light on the details surrounding the colt's birth and his perception of humans (he has various owners throughout his life). While some owners are compassionate -- none more than Joe Evans (Mark Lester), the boy who first owns the colt.

When farm Evan's mare has a fine son, he promises the black stallion to his son Joe. The youngster enjoy growing up as playmates. Alas, once the good squire is buried, his mean heir, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelvis D (jp) wrote: No words can express this movie accurately.

Kyle M (es) wrote: The second ride contains improved special effects by being more realistic as in away from being cheesy while going more into the mythology, but it's wackier and less fun, even though it's a good standalone sequel. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Jim L (ca) wrote: I loved this movie - i am not sure why it got average reviews, it is really interesting and well told and keeps you involved in the story from the start to end.

James P (de) wrote: poor, one of Seagal's poorest DTV films

Alexander C (us) wrote: Not part time will see wont we boys?

Warren W (ca) wrote: If this movie is accurate, then Dahmer is the most boring serial killer ever.....

Sam M (kr) wrote: I had to force myself to watch this film as anything with "romance" as one of the genres of the film turns me way off but This ain't your run of the mill romantic-drama film. The film starts off as a light toned romantic comedy and is very easy to watch. As the film wares on it gets more and more brutal and out of hand and the tone gets very dark later In the film. This film is shocking in the way It changes so quickly and the moods rapidly swing. This film is definitely one of a kind and I highly recommend it a 5/5 for me.

Julie C (es) wrote: a great way to spend this afternoon

Thomas K (jp) wrote: This came out around the same time as THE CANDIDATE and was unanimously panned. If nothing else it did give us Sissy Spacek.

Dan G (fr) wrote: Don't let the lofty 3-hour running time of Hoop Dreams discourage you- this documentary will make you wish it were 5 hours by the end. One of the benchmarks in documentary filmmaking, it's a really gripping look at the struggles of two inner city youths and their personal struggles while balancing out their dreams to becoming basketball superstars. After you watch it, check out the "where are they now" by searching for them on wikipedia, as the documentary is now 20 years old.

Stephen W (es) wrote: Most entertaining was the soundtrack which feachered The Supremes singing the title song in gorgeous three-part harmonies. Flo and Diane are prominent top and middle harmonies with Mary aptly holding down the lower range in her sexy style.