Black Brown White

Black Brown White

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Moya W (br) wrote: I liked the storyline of this movie, but sometimes I felt like the characters didn't take the subject as seriously as they should have which made it quite confusing to watch. Because I felt that there was a lot I didn't quite understand. I felt that some things went a little too fast anthere was never really anything hooking me to the screen.

Jason H (es) wrote: The Possession is the less-gold, Jewish "Exorcist"

Edgar C (es) wrote: Stupendous satire of the bourgeois class with moments of hilarious lunacy and a decent number of sequences of lascivious delicacies. Forty years separate this modern, shining gem from Menzel's masterpiece: the definer of the Czech New Wave. This time, the roots of the modern middle class are explored, wonderfully juxtaposing the visual style of classic cinema that evokes that very characteristic, nostalgic sensation in avid film followers. Sometimes Buuelesque, sometimes Chaplinesque, the "King of England" is still sitting in his throne, watching all over us while we (conscientiously?) are drowned each time more in banal ambitions, including the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" concept... 84/100

Meghan S (mx) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies! I just think it is a very great story line. And two wonderful actresses.

Sabina B (it) wrote: Pretty good, didn't like they who didn't understand the ways of He Who Walks Behind the Rows...they should have been punished more.

Dillon L (mx) wrote: classic so funny and well made

Little D (ca) wrote: If Tara Reid is in it, you can expect it to be crappy.

Spencer P (ag) wrote: A technically detailed WWII propaganda film for the British Navy that surprisingly packs plenty of heart.

Yvon M (es) wrote: Lucy Punch is quirky and enduring. Worth checking out.

Marc N (jp) wrote: Bollocks, shit, aweful, alright I'm a Sheffield Wednesday fan & this is about United, but it's absolutely God aweful & as if the Pigs would ever get past the 3rd round of the FA Cup, delusions of grandeur me thinks Mr Bean! Wednesday till I Die!!!!

Derej D (nl) wrote: Exceptional visuals. Loved Jessica Chastain in this.