Black Butler

Black Butler

Set in the year 2020, Shiori Genbo (Ayame Gouriki) runs the large corporation Funtom. Shiori is also a descendant of prestigious noble family Phantomhive of England. As a descendant of the noble family Phantomhive, Shiori solves difficult cases which are ordered by the queen. In order to take revenge, Shiori makes a deal with Butler Sebastian (Hiro Mizushima). Their deal involves Butler Sebastian protecting Shiori until her revenge is fulfilled and then Sebastian will consume her spirit.

Young 13 year old orphanage named Ceil Phantomhiv summons a demon, as they made a contact which was if Ciel gets his revenge then the demon shall have his soul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob C (it) wrote: A squad of American soldiers are stationed in a remote part of Afghanistan when one of them uses an ancient statue for target practice, unknowingly unleashing a Djinn. They soon hole up in an abandoned building, where their communication system goes down and an unknown Arab woman comes out of the desert storm. After her discovery, strange things start to happen to the soldiers, causing them to hallucinate. Red Sands was a surprisingly good psychological film. Each character deals with his own fear and we're subjected to the slow deterioration of their psyches. The Djinn doesn't become readily available to us until the end of Red Sands and when it does, it sort of throws off a weak vibe. Luckily, it only appears on the screen for about half a minute. Most of the killing comes from the soldiers on eachother, which sort of makes the appearance of the Djinn kind of useless. The audience wouldn't have noticed the difference if it made itself completely scarce. Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed the difference. Each character kept the film in a steady-pace and wasn't rushed in the slightest. I was thoroughly intrigued with the whole layout of the film until the final scene came into play which provided a nice little twist to the storyline. Granted, it was a bit predictable, but nonetheless, a fine ending to an interesting film.

Anthony K (es) wrote: Enough works in David Slade's micro-budget shock fest that I'm hesitant to write it off altogether. The cast is dedicated at a perverse level, the saturated, claustrophobic direction is reminiscent of Jean-Luc Goddard's best, and the expository scene is a masterclass in stage-setting. But man does this movie take torture porn to the next level. Yes, child abduction and pedophilia are among the worst crimes imaginable, but the revenge fantasy in play is beyond excessive. There are three huge issues keeping it from being satisfying. First, Jeff's (Patrick Wilson's) guilt is kept ambiguous until the very end, so his relentless torture may be completely unjust. Innocent until proven guilty, right? And the movie takes its time proving it, while throwing him under the bus in increasingly dramatic ways. Secondly, the film feels stretched. After a stellar opening, the dialogue wears incredibly thin. Hayley (Ellen Paige) in particular will make a point, then make that same point again, and then again all in a matter of minutes. The dialogue is also overly serious and spells out every bit of subtext wherever it can. You can practically hear the writer's own self-importance every time someone speaks. It all feels really amateur.Finally (and this is another script-related issue), the climax and conclusion are both illogical and silly. On paper, they seem like cool ideas, but in practice they feel shoehorned as if the writer started there and crafted a story around them. Again, it feels like an ego thing. "Isn't it cool that I did this," it seems to scream. The answer is no, not really. 4.2/10

Josanne E (mx) wrote: i'm sure it would be great!

Thomas P (us) wrote: Great juvenile fun, carried along by Sandler, firing on all of his silliest cylinders, but it really works here.He's most accessible in this one, and you will find a big percolating joy that flourishes though the whole movie.If you don't mind Sandler reliving high school as an all-lucky-hits success with plenty of goofing around, then this is the comedy for you. Also, If you've ever been frustrated by golf as in getting a lucky shot and spending the rest of your time trying unsuccessfully to recreate that lucky shot, well, this movie will give you some grins.The Bob Barker scene is brilliant -Worth the rental price alone.4 running gold swings out of 5

Elgan D (ru) wrote: A first glimpse at the imagination of John Waters and it's quite the view. Initially hilarious but soon the squalor of the picture becomes grotesquely tiresome.

Deek B (fr) wrote: I think I can say this is Bakshi's best movie. He didn't hold much back in terms of sexism and racism, which was important to point out the racial stereotypes at the time. Of course, if you're easily offended, this movie will definitely do that. Just ask Jesse Jackson.

Eric B (br) wrote: One thing's for sure: Few of us have had a first date this interesting."The Iron Rose" is an unusual, intriguing film, though the middle drags badly. It's less a horror story than an existential chamber play that happens to have a spooky setting.An attractive young pair meets at a wedding reception, plans a casual date for the next day and wanders into a cemetery for lunch. They make love (apparently for hours?) in an underground crypt and emerge to find the sky darkened and their bearings obliterated. Which way is the gate? Then the girl starts intoning morose poetry and the boy starts to wish he was elsewhere.There are just two speaking parts, and even the central couple (who go unnamed) are mostly silent. The third largest part is simply a mysterious passerby in a clown suit.The idea of being lost in a cemetery seems more plausible, once you see this site with its thick greenery and tall headstones. The locations are wonderful, and another visual bonus is the girl's body steadily threatening to fall out of her flimsy clothes.

Ben S (kr) wrote: Loosely based on the LeFanu's Carmilla. In this version it is not clear whether Carmilla is a vampire or mentally disturbed. The film is slow and only just maintains interest until a startling dream sequence near the end. There is one brief, poignant scene within the dream, set in a waiting room, which undermines the faux romanticism and shows the true banality of a vampire. The film is gorgeously filmed by cinematographer Claude Renoir.

Leslie A (ca) wrote: One of Michael Mann's weakest films. Oddly muted and at times quite boring. Muhammad Ali deserves a better movie made about him.

Jewell M (br) wrote: Great exploitation film.

Lawrence D (nl) wrote: Rotten tomatoes got this one wrong

Lars P (de) wrote: I trust Zero Dark Thirty must be a hit with Al Qaeda & ISIS.I guess they miss the part where Osama Bin Laden meets the 72 virgins.Otherwise a somewhat boring and very predictable film. The high scores here on Rotten Tomatoes are beyond my comprehension