Black Eye

Black Eye

An ex-police officer operating a private detective business comes face to face with a syndicate-backed dope ring.

Private detective investigated a series of murders connected with a drug ring in Venice, California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alain G (fr) wrote: Beneden alle peil... niet B, C of D maar dikke F-Film... Als je dit schijfje koopt... gebruik het dan vooral om uwen drank op te zeten...

Roger R (ca) wrote: This film is as remarkable as it is bleak. There are very few films which tell it like it is but this is one of them.

ralph s (ca) wrote: I want those 90 minutes of my life back . Looked like a high school class that dressed up like cowpokes , got a cheap video camera , and made a movie . Look away .

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: Definitely had Oscar worthy performances in it.

David B (ca) wrote: Very frightening to see the stranglehold religion has on people in the world. It's pathetic and sad that Christianity preaches us to be good people yet, certain leaders of these Christian groups happily support war.

Simon D (es) wrote: Until the end, this is quite an original story, unfortunately, it is badly acted, so much so it's awkward to watch. The horror parts take a long time to get going and when they come, there isn't much to it. A shame really.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Good sequel very funny and a nice simple story that's been done before but not as funny or clever as this, Fun for all the family, Not as good as the first but still great.

Craig M (kr) wrote: Those that love it, LOVE it. Those that dont love it are idiots.

Samuel M (fr) wrote: El clsico de Mario Bava parece un total anacronismo por su acercamiento al terror clsico de la Universal, pero lo cierto es que parece tejer un puente entre este y lo que aportara al gnero la Hammer un dcada ms tarde.Aunque la trama es interesante, lo cierto es que la exagerada exposicin de su guin juega en contra de las posibilidades de filme de misterio que todos sus elementos tiene.La puesta en escena y la fotografa, por otro lado, son soberbias y ayudan a Bava a encontrar el tono macabro perfecto.Una pelcula que se debera tener en cuenta ms a menudo.

Evan H (fr) wrote: This movie has a screwball comedy feel to it. It has a fine cast and musical score. It's funny at times!

Andrew W (de) wrote: Well wasn't this just a toxic family adventure. The acting was a delight...but boy that family was screwed up.

Panta O (fr) wrote: This dramatic thriller was all about religion, and if you are a non-believer, simply skip it! Written and directed by Garrett Batty it stars Corbin Allred, Maclain Nelson, Nikita Bogolyubov and Alex Veadov. The movie is about the 1998 kidnapping of the two Mormon missionaries, Andrew Lee Propst and Travis Robert Tuttle in Saratov, Russia. The kidnappers wanted US$300,000 ransom from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but nobody wanted to pay the ransom for different reasons. For five days the two missionaries were handcuffed and held captive in a small room. When no ransom materialized, the men were driven to a field and released. Doesn't sound too exciting, especially when we all know the outcome of the story... but, there was suspense in the movie, excitement, and very believable acts and results of the faith of the young men. At the time, this event was a significant international incident, but the director wisely chooses to focus its time on the missionaries and their captors. Some blamed a limited budget for it, but the important story really is what is happening within that relationship where they both slowly make their way through a barrage of emotions, confronting fears of their captors and their own mortality, and slowly coming to understand the role their faith will play in their predicament. Please, do not dismiss this movie because it falls into the category of Mormon cinema, and the well-tread subcategory of missionary movies that is so prominent within it. Check it out and you will see that director Garrett Batty's effort is very solid. I didn't like the hand-held camera work and the intense original soundtrack, but the locals from The Salt Lake Tribune praised the film. Some of the scenes were not very impressive, they were executed rather like a routine, but they are countered by most of the emotional scenes of Allred and Nelson re-creating those days of captivity. Not a bad viewing!