Black Fox: The True Story of Adolf Hitler

Black Fox: The True Story of Adolf Hitler

The rise and fall of Nazi Germany in part through the use of classical allegory.

The rise and fall of Nazi Germany in part through the use of classical allegory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (gb) wrote: Infinitely better than the first Ouija movie, this intelligent prequel understands quite well how silence can be much more terrifying than loud noises, giving us also time to care about the characters and cleverly subverting the most stupid clichs of the genre.

Trenton R (mx) wrote: The animation is in my eyes an improvement over Public Enemies, but the story feels rushed at times and could have benefited if it had time to establish characters and relationships better. Despite that though what's there is satisfying and it defiantly benefits from superb voice acting. 3/5 Decent

Crystal B (fr) wrote: If u haven't seen this...I suggest you should

Brian P (ru) wrote: leave your brain at the door... silly comedy , somthing like euro trip but with vampires.. lol!!

Carlos S (it) wrote: See it? I was in this movie!! I played an zombie extra. :-)

Eric W (au) wrote: A snooze of a horror film

Martin S (ru) wrote: A set of great actors, but unfortunately representing completely topical figures in a story built by topics. The multiplication of the clich!

Alex r (gb) wrote: Fubar is a mockumentary type film about the headbagin subculture of Calgary, Alberta. We are introduced to two metalheads, Terry and Dean as the primary subjects of this documentary. We are shown such traditions as shotgunning beer like a man and listening to the healing power of heavy metal music. Fubar is a cult classic of Canadian cinema, and as many reviewers have pointed out, this is the best mockumentary since This Is Spinal Tap, and it is. Fubar is hilarious from start to finish, and it amazes me how they were able to pull that many laughs out of a simple idea. Fubar won''t appeal to everyone, only the metalheads and hardcore beer drinkers will enjoy this film. Documentary film maker Farrell Miictchner documents the exploits of Terry and Dean and the banger subculture in general, what we get is a lesson in drinking beer like a man and how a close nit friendship can save another friend from testicular cancer. I've basically summarized the story, and thats all it is really. But it's interesting how they were able to pull out so many laugh out loud moments with a few simple ideas like that. Fubar has all the cliches of the headbanging subculture and if you love heavy metal music, then you'll love Fubar. If you're easily offended by vulgarities, then I would skip it if I were you. But if you love mockumentaries, then give'r and give Fubar a viewing. Just remember that everything you see here is to make you laugh hard, so let loose, shotgun a beer, and watch Terry and Deaner give you a life lesson in the heavy metal lane.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Impressive with its comedy-spoof of the art of Kung Fu through they way they fuse it with the art of football.

Al M (es) wrote: The Bird People of China differs radically from Takashi Miike's standard, transgressive fare. Miike replaces his usual gore, torture, and nastiness with an artful, beautifully filmed, meditative work that feels like a fantasy film shot in the style of Ozu. Like Ozu's great masterpieces, The Bird People of China is not a fast-paced film--it languidly follows the rather sparse events of its narrative and takes time to focus upon the miraculous nature of the images that comprise the story. Indeed, the film ultimately portrays reality itself as fantastic and uncanny. Bird People is a film about existential longing, about the desire for something that allows us to transcend the quotidian banality of existence. Ultimately, Miike's flim argues that magic and mystery exist right within our grasp--they exist in nature and in ourselves if we only learn how to attune ourselves to their presence. The Bird People in China is a beautiful, intelligent piece of magical realism that makes you question your own relation to the world and that forces you to ask yourself if you too might have the ability to truly fly.

Dorothy I (au) wrote: This movie was surprisingly great. I really liked Jared Leto and Catherine O'Hara's character. The accents were great and I wasn't distracted like I normally am by terrible accents from American actors. The story line was run of the mill, but I love that kind of stuff. Loved it.

Shane J (jp) wrote: well i didnt think it could get worse than the 1st one but somehow they managed it.They even found worse actors which i didnt think was possible. Bradley seems to have lost intrest not surprising he prob watched the opening scene with people firing guns point blank at people and missing completle. not sure if this follows the 1st movie or not? apparently the head terrorists brother was killed in the 1st film but the lead has no recollection of taking on cyborgs before??

Jme (mx) wrote: took me a while but i got a copy of it. it is a genius movie. a classic for me i absolutely loves it

Keith T (ca) wrote: A friend reminded me how good this was a couple of months back. I hadn't seen it for ages, so was pleased to see it pop up again on TV. Excellent film indeed. Great story and some good action. I'm not quite sure that Gladstone was THAT cynical, but then perhaps he too has been "spun"! I see a run-time here in the summary of 136 minutes. The TV version came in at bang on 2 hours, so looks like someone trimmed it slightly to fit a slot. Just checked on Amazon and they show a run-time of 123 minutes for the DVD. So either the Flixster (and IMDB) data is wrong or there are at least two versions out there.

Leon B (de) wrote: Review:I really liked the documentary about the weird and wonderful mind behind Nick Cave's work which began in 1973, when I was born, and he is still coming out with music today. He became a chart topping artist when he made the song with Kylie Minogue called Where The Wild Roses Grow but he has mostly stayed underground with a selective audience. The Australian born 57 year old has a very a different look in life, which you will see in this documentary and his music comes from a place which is unique and very complex. This documentary is extremely well put together and it shows different sides of his life, even though it's only based on one day. I must admit, I had only heard a couple of songs from this artist before I watched this documentary but now that I have seen it, I am intrigued about his earlier work. The epic ending song, which I can't help rewinding, is really impressive because of the violins and kids singing. It made me laugh when he was sitting with his young kids, eating a pizza and watching Scarface, which is politically incorrect for this day and age but that just shows that Nick Cave really isn't bothered with those type of things. I wish that more artist would come out with documentaries like this because it will make them seem more human and you'll be able to see the process behind there writing and musical methods. There is a part in the documentary were he goes through his personal pictures which would also be great to see from other artists at different periods of there life. Personally, I watched this movie on TV and then I rented it the next day because I couldn't get the ending song out of my mind so I'm obviously impressed with this film. You don't have to be a Nick Cave fan to enjoy this documentary because of the different elements that it covers so I will highly recommend it to people who want to see a day in a life of an artist . Enjoyable.Round-Up:I was shocked to see Ray Winstone in this movie. I couldn't really see why he was in this film and it was a bit strange when he was asking Nick Cave some questions and he wasn't answering them but the natural conversation in the car seemed very realistic. I was also surprised to see Kylie Minogue in the film and the conversation between the two of them in the car was a great insight into a period in his life when there collaboration exploded on the music scene. The interview with the psychologist, also gives you an insight into his strange upbringing and the relationship with his father which shows a more personal side to Nick Cave. I do find his lyrics a bit weird and very Jim Morrison like but he is an unique artist who doesn't get the recognition that he deserves because he doesn't follow trends and he stays true to his music.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $2millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their biopics about a day in the life of Nick Cave. 7/10

Official C (nl) wrote: "Whale Rider" has an emotional and powerful story. The only problem with this film is that, because the film doesn't give you much background of New Zealand cultures, and if you don't know much about it, you will be slightly puzzled in some places.

Sean D (mx) wrote: I'm surprised to see such a low rating. don't get me wrong this is not an original idea or thought provoking but it lent me a few good laughs.