Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down

When U.S. Rangers and an elite Delta Force team attempt to kidnap two underlings of a Somali warlord, their Black Hawk helicopters are shot down, and the Americans suffer heavy casualties, facing intense fighting from the militia on the ground.

Covering the history, based on a true story, Somali ruined country covered in smoke because of civil war. The US military couldn't save the Somali, so they has conducted campaigns and destroyed landed in Mogadishu by helicopter. And that was the beginning of a nightmare ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Black Hawk Down torrent reviews

Jantar M (ru) wrote: This is very nice promotion for Moravia, but as a comedy the film is rather embarrassing.

La P (kr) wrote: it's just like the novels i use to read stoories way back so it intrest me so far!!..

IngaMay P (mx) wrote: All three main characters made a great impression. How ever the deepest was made by Jaycee, and that when he still was new in the game - such a great preformance. This is by the far most enthralling actionmovie I ever seen. When you think it's over... forget it!

Colby D (nl) wrote: best movie. ever. read the book too!

B C (nl) wrote: this movie gave me nightmares, especially as a single mother, but it also opens a lot of closed doors, and makes a very serious and sickening crime of child rape/sexual abuse public and "OUT THERE" in your face to see - and thats what needs to happen, because if we go around in our own happy bubbles and are content to pretend that these things are not happening to children - then nothing will be done. This is a movie that will make you cry, make you sick to your stomach, but it will also make you aware, and it will change you. Not many movies will accomplish such feats.

Alex H (us) wrote: Dark, stylish, and terrifying this a brilliant film about "Americas worse nightmare"

Private U (nl) wrote: The titular Devil Girl looks like someone Darth Vadar would hire to step on his crotch and call him dirty names.

Craig C (jp) wrote: Glorious, opulent, gorgeously scored, directed and designed, this film is a timeless masterpiece that improves upon its source material with superb performances and masterful storytelling.