Black Lightning

Black Lightning

Black Lightning is recruited as an undercover cop to infiltrate Ricky Rodriguez, also known as 'The Mexecutioner', and find out where a major drug deal is about to happen. Meanwhile, Twist Jackson, a past nemesis of Black's, treks across the state in pursuit of him with his own agenda.

Black Lightning is recruited as an undercover cop to infiltrate Ricky Rodriguez, also known as 'The Mexecutioner', and find out where a major drug deal is about to happen. Meanwhile, Twist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thee Chad S (jp) wrote: A pointless, humorless, and boring movie that tries to be important - but ultimately, fails. There are better ways to spend your time.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: A below par Pirates movie, Not as good as I hoped it would be but much better than At Worlds End, Johnny Depp does well to carry on the series without most of the original cast involved, The 3D was ok but not great or used an awful lot, Nothing special but worth a look (Just).

Brooke J (gb) wrote: hilarious movie. liked the plot

Nicole L (es) wrote: Adrian Grenier....soo cute

Jennifer T (jp) wrote: A little boring. Well put together. Good acting. Good for one time watch. Good action scenes on the mountain.

Anthony A (it) wrote: Sembene's lyricism is perfectly captured in this fable. A stroke of genius, and worthy introduction to his work (and that of african cinema) for the uninitiated.

Van R (ca) wrote: THE LONG SHIPS director Jack Cardiff made one of the greatest (and most rugged) mercenary movies of the 20th century when he helmed the Rod Taylor-Jim Brown actioneer DARK OF THE SUN in 1968. Rough-hewn mercenary Captain Curry (Rod Taylor of THE TIME MACHINE) agrees to take a specially made-up train 300 miles into the war-torn Congo to retrieve $50-million in diamonds before a savage, bloodthirsty Simba army can laid their hands on it. Congolese president Mwamini Ubi (Calvin Lockhart of PREDATOR 2), agrees to pay Curry $50-thousand dollars when he delivers the ice. Ruffo (Jim Brown of THE DIRTY DOZEN) is a Congo-born mercenary soldier who serves as Curry??s sergeant. This mission is more a matter of national interest for him. Ubi tells them that ostensibly the train is designed as public relations to save a number of white folks trapped in enemy-held territory, but the diamonds are priceless to him because the banks in Europe are calling in his loans. Curry takes 50 elite soldiers from the nation??s army. Unfortunately, the commander, Henlein (Peter Carsten of STALINGRAD: DOGS, DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREOVER), decides to come along after he learns about the fortune in uncut diamonds. Curry hates Henlein because Henlein is a former Nazi soldier who loves to parade around with his swastika displayed on his chest. Meantime, Curry has to enlist the aid of an alcoholic medical doctor, Dr. Wreid (Kenneth More of FLAME OVER INDIA), but Wreid refuses until he learns that he will receive a case of good whiskey and a $100-a-day for sewing up bullet wounds. No sooner than our heroes made up their train and pulled out than they run into a United Nations fighter plane cruising the area. Although they received United Nations clearance to embark on their mission, they find themselves pitted against a conscientious pilot who knows nothing about the agreement. The pilot strafes the train. Curry and company blaze away with their machine guns and eventually bring him down. By now Dr. Wreid awakens to learn that Curry has pitched the case of liquor and expects him to start doing his job. Along the way, they pick up a passenger, French refugee Claire (Yvette Mimeux of THE TIME MACHINE), and chug into the town. Meanwhile, the sadistic leader of the rebel Simbas--General Moses (Danny Daniels) is closing in on Curry. The catch is that the diamonds are locked up in a bank in a time vault that will not open for three hours. Reportedly, a real event that occurred in the late 1950s in the Belgian Congo inspired not only the movie but also the Wilbur Smith novel. Despite being made in 1968, DARK OF THE SUN pulls no punches and gets pretty grisly at times. Cardiff lensed this film on location in Jamaica. The heroes rarely catch a break in this movie in this harrowing, action-packed thriller.

Brandon J (it) wrote: It may have been the opposite of a hero movie people expected when it came out in theater, but it was just ace.

Benjamin F (es) wrote: Aside from Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, the movie has very little to offer to anyone over the age of 11.

Spencer K (nl) wrote: An excellent debut feature from two promising up and comers. A gory, blood soaked horror film that also works as a romance film. Unique, entertaining, and often hilarious, Nina Forever works incredibly well based solely on it's wonderful execution, incredibly unique plot, and great directing and performances. Horror fans will eat it up.