Black Magic

Black Magic

Chinese detective Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) solves a murder linked to the occult. This movie had an alternative title: Meeting at Midnight.

Charlie searches for a murderer amidst numerous ghosts conjured up by a strange variety of spiritualists and occultists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Black Magic torrent reviews

Anthony T (gb) wrote: Was hoping for more but this was a decent watch, kinda just felt like a 100 minute episode... sadly all the questions left at the end of the last episode really was just kinda pushed over and barley talked about.

Imtia R (fr) wrote: don't watch this movie.... its a total crap....

Michael R (br) wrote: Those thugs messed with the wrong woman.

Jason E (br) wrote: I could watch Con O'Neil for hours. Harriet and Simon are both excellent in this. Quite a respectful grown up, mature look at metrosexuality. Very entertaining.

Vuk S (de) wrote: After watching The Odyssey, which was really good, I borrowed this movie from my friend. I couldn't bear even the first 30 minutes of the movie. I like low budget movies, I am a great fan of B-movies but this is ridiculous. The effects are so bad you feel ashamed of watching the movie at all. And not just the effects, but along with the bad acting and story the movie seems really weird in a ridiculous way. The thing that bothered me the most was when I saw the effects done with the centaur. Now it seems like I am bitching too much about the effects, it is true that they don't matter if the movie is good, but if someone is making a movie about mythical characters and beings, they should at least do a better job with the special effects, otherwise do some other type of movie. I give this movie 1 star, since I didn't actually watch it till the end.

lars m (jp) wrote: Joan is top notch in this over the top look at her strangle hold of a southern plantation family. Some amazing one liners and Joan's personal fav of her 50's film roles.

Pavan R (de) wrote: Interesting concept and a thrilling story. A great watch overall with some good performances and locations

Graham M (es) wrote: The first half of the movie is an enjoyable drama as you would expect from Eastwood. The second half is somewhat farfetched science fiction with laughable attempts at convincing the audience that the actors are in zero gravity.

Tyler J (it) wrote: Okay This Movie Is GOOD! Marc Webb Did OKAY With The Movie And It's PRETTY MUCH Better Then The Sequel Well Yeah That's True Good Job Marc Webb! HAVE A COOKIE!

Chang R (mx) wrote: The story is shitty as always but the action-packed third act is still pretty entertaining