Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman

The owner of a suburban art gallery searches for someone to perform an exorcism after a witch casts a spell on him.

The owner of a suburban art gallery searches for someone to perform an exorcism after a witch casts a spell on him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julian H (br) wrote: Entertaining, but then lost it's sheen and became rather sad. Still, pretty good for Welsh content.

Ins M (ag) wrote: Oh my, never in my life i thought i would see a movie this bad. It's like the worst movie ever. Maybe the lamest low budget movie ever. Quite what you should be expecting from a movie with a name like that. But still, they could have tried a little bit harder. The plot was awful, way too predictable and didn't made any sense at all. About the acting - lame. Soundtrack - lame. Let's face it, this movie has really nothing to it. Not even a little bit of gore, or decent special effects. The first half of the movie is basically just like the beginning of a really lame porno, at least untill the whores decide to grab the knife. Then again, the house shoudn't even be called as " of horror" since the whole movie made me laugh my ass off. Overall, a movie you shouldn't add to your "want to see" list.

Tyler S (es) wrote: One of the worst films of the last decade. Predictable and full of dumb cliches. Only Pacinos presents warrants half a star.

Jake B (it) wrote: Take a moment to pretend the 1971 version didn't exist. Putting aside my bias, look at this movie on its own. It's a beautiful sight to see, given the amount of detail that was put into it. The actors clearly give it their all to portray their characters in their own ways that reflect who they are. Compared to Gene Wilder's performance, Depp is vastly different but in the best ways. It's a fresh performance that leaves many feeling uncomfortably giggly in a good way. This is a movie Burton did right, a movie that's gonna stick in people's heads for a long time. Is it different than the original? Yeah, but that's not bad. They're both perfect films in different ways, telling the story in two distinctive but brilliant ways. Look at it on its own and its a perfect adaptation. Look at it side by side, and its still an admirable movie.

Michael D (ru) wrote: Great Canadian movie with a cameo by Joey Ramone

Tyler J (us) wrote: Dated, but packs a wallop upon viewing. Part romance, action/vigilante thriller, musical,(like most Bollywood films), and social commentary. I was in awe at the vast amount of emotions this picture made me feel.

Senor C (jp) wrote: A Conan the Barabarian rip-off loaded w/ T&A so it's never really boring ; there's enough sword on sword carnage to keep things moving & whenever this tends to slow down there are sugar boobies..ample sugar boobies. You would figure that would garner a better rating but it's all very sloppy & poorly executed but if you love em cheesy then dig right in. Deathstalker my have more to offer

bridget m (fr) wrote: It's in my collection because it was one of the gift movies

Matt K (kr) wrote: Saw this at the TCFF and enjoyed it quite a bit. Who doesn't like a rags to riches story? Despite the winsomeness and spot-on Steve Perryesque singing ability of newcomer Arnel Pineda, it left a few questions. Why did Steve Perry leave the band? Why did Steve Perry's replacement leave the band? What were the dates in the timeline of the story? How did Arnel's family take his long absences away from home? Solid and fun but not complete.

Serge L (gb) wrote: Interesting reenactment. I would have thought it was a flop film but I was not bored at all. Very nice strange twist when Nixon actually motivates Frost during a private phone call. Probably his conscience, under the influence of alcohol, made him do it. It changed the resulting interview.

Trista J (ag) wrote: I saw the ending coming a mile away BUT the acting was great and the plot was something different and interesting.