Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus

After opening a convent in the Himalayas, five nuns encounter conflict and tension as they attempt to adapt to their remote, exotic surroundings.

After opening a convent in the Himalayas, five nuns encounter conflict and tension, both with the natives and also within their own group, as they attempt to adapt to their remote, exotic surroundings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (us) wrote: Sick, twisted, wrong and funny. We should be ashamed. Tracy Letts' finally translates one of his unexpectedly successful plays to a film script. And if any filmmaker is up for the challenge of translating -- it is William Friedkin. His best film in a very long time. All of the performances are pitch-perfect, but Gina Gershon deserves a great deal of credit for finding a way to be both realistic and tragically funny. Satire seldom gets this grim and twisted --- and actually works.

Robyn M (nl) wrote: For those who've ever ordered Scholastics in School might have heard of Kit Kitteredge, if not an advid readier then perhaps a fan of HBO?Sure HBO focuses on more risque programs, Kit is alot more safe and family friendly- the Made for Tv movie is heartwarming, entertaining and at times hilariously delicious. As a fan of Abigail since her debut in Little Miss Sunshine, it's fair to say she's come along, long way from cute and pudgy to a mature young lady. The show reminded me of a Nancy drew Mystery but during a different era (The depression). Honorable mention to Chris O'Donnell (The Father) and villianist Joan Cusack for lightening up a would be said seriously dampening storyline.

Kirk R (mx) wrote: This is one of the movies that you have to appreciate for its artistic style rather than its near to non-exisistent plot. It is a very Parisian film with very good actors. In a way it seems that it's just a slice of the lives that these poeple more no less. Despite this, the cinematology is great and it keeps you interested.

Douglas B (ag) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Khepri N (br) wrote: The look of the movie was cool. Some inaccuracies of course but still a good overall movie

Dusty L (it) wrote: Senseless, but fun regardless. I will put this down as a film that I am able to watch without having to put to much thought into what I was watching.

Andr D (kr) wrote: La tercera entrega de la franquicia de "Las Tortugas Ninja" mejora ligeramente si se compara con la ridcula segunda parte. Aqu, las tortugas viajan en el tiempo para ayudar a unos aldeanos japoneses, copiando la historia de "Los Siete Samurai" de Kurosawa. El tono moralista y el humor infantil, hacen que los irreverentes cmics creados por Kevin Eastman y Peter Laird queden definitivamente en el olvido.

Janet B (de) wrote: I used to watch this movie all the time when I was younger. It's on my must buy list

Beth W (ru) wrote: This would have to be my all time favorite "vampire" movie. Such sweet sadness.

Sanjay D (nl) wrote: A teacher's job is to inspire & a parent's job is to enable. Let the children develop their own thought & carve their own destiny. A beautifully conveyed message albeit with a little pain.

Baurushan J (au) wrote: It took a while for me to search this film and I cannot find it anywhere. Until I had to download it. For my sake after weeks and weeks of searching for this film online and trust me, the same will happen to you, here's my review of Return Of The Fly. The story takes place after the first film where Philippe played by Brett Halsey asked his uncle Francois played by Vincent Price what happened to his parents' happy life and what was the cause of his father Andre's death. Francois tells the truth about the whole incident from the first film and Philippe decides to reinvent the machine by stepping into Andre's shoes, a machine that can transmit solid matter. But when Alan played by david Frankham, traps Philippe in the matter transmitter along with a fly, it now looks like that Philippe really has stepped into his father's shoes as he appears out of the transmitter as a human with fly body parts and as a fly with human body parts. The human-fly goes on the run from the police and goes on a rampage while the fly-human remains trapped in the lab. They finally catch both and change both the fly and Philippe back to normal, THE END. This classic science-fiction horror drama needs to be watched and shouldn't be hated at as it's another classic along with the Curse Of The Fly. Yes there's a third movie in The Fly franchise and I though the search for this was over, THE FUCK! If you have the DVD for all three movies, then you're lucky but otherwise, you're gonna have a difficult time searching for your whole life! Return Of The Fly gets a solid 8.5/10

jesus e (ru) wrote: Si Vittorio de Sicca con "el ladrn de bicicletas", haba mostrado su arte mediante el movimiento neorrealista. Faltaba la respuesta de Buuel, no nada ms la llen de ralismo y brutalidad, sino que la aderez con un toque surrealista, impresionante en todos los renglones, seala a toda autoridad del pas, retrata a un Mxico que se sigue pareciendo mucho al actual. Considerada la mejor pelcula mexicana de todos los tiempos, ganadora en cannes en 1951 (su ao de lanzamiento fu en 1950). Buuel muestra que la pobreza es el arma principal de la corrupcin y exterminadora de toda inocencia. Un clsico del cine mundial.

Daniel D (de) wrote: Fun film. About on par with the first one for me.

Michael C (nl) wrote: Overall an interesting horror film. Kind of predictable, but it had its charm

jessica r (es) wrote: love it! great older movie

Michele L (it) wrote: Exceptional movie. A must see.