Black Rain

Black Rain

Two New York cops get involved in a gang war between members of the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. They arrest one of their killers and are ordered to escort him back to Japan. In Japan, however, he manages to escape. As they try to track him down, they get deeper and deeper into the Japanese Mafia scene and they have to learn that they can only win by playing the game the Japanese way.

New York City policemen Nick and Charlie witness a murder in a bar, quickly apprehend the assailant and must escort him when he's extradited to Japan. Once there, he escapes, and the two police officers find themselves dragged deeper and deeper into the Japanese underworld. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Black Rain torrent reviews

Kevin V (jp) wrote: Since my father has raced over 15 Transpac's over the years, I found this movie extremely special and very true to the feeling of the race.

Cassandra B (gb) wrote: Cute. A good airplane movie.

Mike B (es) wrote: Not very funny rom-com. Very predictable and formulaic.

Luke W (it) wrote: Dustin Hoffman shines in this gritty tale of a convict trying and failing to go straight. It was interesting to see Hoffman in this role, as I have only seen him playing more traditional "good guys" that don't have the weaknesses that we see in the character of Max Denbo.

Rich S (au) wrote: Am watching this presently and thinking it's a pretty good film. Has all the elements for a good drama, catty dialogue, good character actors doing their stuff quite well, and an awesome big band soundtrack. Not an unpleasant diversion!

Liana S (nl) wrote: A bit under-rated, I think. Pretty fun :)

Tom H (fr) wrote: Entertaining film about pilots risking their necks in the Andes mountains carrying mail. Cary Grant is great as the overly stubborn Geoff Carter.

Justin B (au) wrote: Not nearly as bad as most make it out to be. I commend the film for focusing on the gut wrenching tragedy of 9/11 and not the eye for an eye aftermath. Its display of the power of the human spirit is emotional and engaging but it just doesn't seem to be done to its full potential. The film is also laced with far too much manipulative and schmaltzy made-for-tv melodrama.

Keith B (ca) wrote: A little bit dull...