Alice's boyfriend Frank is a Scotland Yard detective who seems more interested in police work than in her. When she agrees to go out with another man, he attacks her and she defends herself and kills him. When the body is discovered, Frank is assigned to the case. He quickly discovers that Alice is the killer, but so has someone else, and they are threatening blackmail.

Alice White is the daughter of a shopkeeper in 1920's London. Her boyfriend, Frank Webber is a Scotland Yard detective who seems more interested in police work than in her. Frank takes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew M (kr) wrote: A wondrous film about discovering the beauties in life's repetition. Jarmusch avoids even the most uncommon of drama film tropes in this one. There's no loud confrontations when something goes wrong, no struggles of an undiscovered artist who wants to get by, no financial troubles leading to strife in an otherwise perfect household. There's exactly one plot point that you can see coming before it happens, and even it is so well-executed that the sheer emotion of the scene completely dominates the predictability. It's just a small film about life that looks like life and feels like life. Adam Driver is absolutely perfect here, again with no huge outbursts not just of anger, but of any emotion really. His performance relies almost solely on physical tics: the way he raises an eyebrow while eavesdropping on a conversation on the bus, for example. Executing stoicism in film is a hard thing to do, but Jarmusch and Driver have crafted a painfully likeable young man here. Not much happens in Paterson (the town and the film itself), but Jarmusch has made such nothingness incredibly engaging.

Mic R (gb) wrote: Far more accessible than the book (I gave up on the book). A must-see for inspirational ideas that go beyond lame carbon credits to tackle existing and future global problems. Pity nothing will happen until these threats become real and inconvenient to the politicians and others who hold the purse strings to enabling these ideas to become realities. In the mean-time ... idea virus for your soul.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Just about worthwhile as a conspiracy thriller. It's a relic from the cold war era without referring to it.

Michael H (it) wrote: The Book of Love is the least funniest Spin Off of the American Pie movies. Mostly becaues Eugene Levy is barely in this movie. Nearly A Hour in and he hasn't shown up. The cover for this movie says its "Utterly Hilarious And Outrageous." Outrageous? Hilarious? No. This movie is like a arguement with someone you don't know. You just get pissed off even more because you want to punch him. The story doesn't follow a Stiffler... mainly because he is a side character. Mostly Rob is the main character. This is a repeat of the last movie and the mom is like Noah Leinstein in this movie although he appears. Rob and his friends want to get laid when they find the book of love. How will this go? Now we have gotten into a deep hole. A very deep hole which you cannot get out of. The movie is not really funny, it has the same setting as last time and it has similar characters and same everything. Also its very unoriginal. The chemistry is not believable and there isn't many good characters. Only Eugene Levy can make this movie good. But he is in it for like 3 minutes. Also, if you think a moose raping a man is funny you have serious problems. 63/100 C+

Doug G (ca) wrote: Did not hold up well over time

Brandon S (ca) wrote: Marebito delivers some good quaility chills but not much else. Basically follows a Japanese man's downfall into maddness. If you are looking for cheap Asian horror chills with nothing behind it Marebito is your film.

Schannon M (gb) wrote: this movie is a joke!

Ioan S (it) wrote: Great story and visually beautiful movie! :)

Linda (it) wrote: I't s funny movie :)

ShinyHappyPurple (ca) wrote: I've seen alot of horror movies so it's not surprising that I can't remember if I've seen this one. As the politician said "I don't recall".

Michael H (jp) wrote: Hammer Film's first international success embarked the studio on its now legendary oeuvre of science-fiction and horror productions. This film, also known as "The Creeping Unknown," set a compelling standard for combining thoughtful suspense with psuedo-science and horror that is referenced and emulated in subsequent film and television.

ThidaBaby R (mx) wrote: Must be the only film which involve an Burmese actress who speaks decent English. I just love the way they dress and speak. Very graceful indeed.

Brent H (fr) wrote: More disturbing than scary. Not a fan.

Steve S (de) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

John Y (ag) wrote: You'd have thought they would have moved after the first film.

Super K (de) wrote: I like how independent Tink is and the cute characters.

Alex R (au) wrote: A great ending to the series. Thad is his normal self and will keep you laughing.