Blackmail Boys

Blackmail Boys

After moving to Chicago for art school, Sam begins turning tricks to help pay the bills. His longtime, long-distance boyfriend Aaron can't stand to be apart and finally joins him, determined to find enough work so that Sam can give up having sex for money. When the two decide to tie the knot and move to a state where they can marry, their financial worries intensify...until Aaron spies on Sam with a prominent client, and everything changes. This sweet and sexually explicit love story becomes an exhilarating extortion tale. contains graphic sexuality

A sweet and sexually explicit love story becomes an exhilarating extortion tale for two boys, Aaron, and Sam, who plot to blackmail a prominent religious figure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin S (ag) wrote: Very thought-provoking film.

Steve J (ca) wrote: In what may be Almodvar's most personal film, the world-renowned director gives us a story of assumed identities, terrible secrets, and deadly revenge. Though it isn't too far removed from his other films narratively speaking, this one feels sadder, darker. Gael Garca Bernal, brandishing a surprisingly convincing Spanish accent, plays the central figure, essentially a triple role as a young actor who is not what he appears to be. Fele Martnez is equally impressive as the young filmmaker who can sense that Bernal is hiding something, but casts him in the lead role in a film about their shared past. Catholic sex abuse, drug addiction, blackmail, and malignant passion characterize the 'real' drama surrounding the 'fictional' drama, but beneath the narrative acrobatics lies a sense of despair unusual for Almodvar. This is one of his most accomplished films from a technical standpoint, featuring some drop-dead beautiful imagery that enhances the story while also tastefully drawing attention to itself (like many of Almodvar's films, this one functions partly as a celebration of the power of cinema). I don't want to reveal too much about the plot, since the element of surprise is especially crucial here, but I will say that in my opinion this is the best film Almodvar has ever made.

Ginny F (kr) wrote: This is the WORST movie I ever sat through :0(

x x (nl) wrote: Bergman was not only ahead of his time, he was outside of it altogether - timeless.

Berkcan S (us) wrote: it is certainly not as bad as the critics say

Emma E (au) wrote: this movie is my all time favourite movie. Great performance, Great Storyline. Seriously Underrated

Saharae L (nl) wrote: This is sooooooooo funny its like, my 2nd fave movie of all time!!

Jordan K (br) wrote: The third in the Pryor/Wilder teamup films didn't make me laugh that much, and it was more boring and unfunny than anything.The film centers on Wilder playing a deaf man and his friend, played by Pryor, who is a blind man. They are framed for a murder that the most ridiculously unbelievable criminals actually did. The rest of the film is blind and deaf jokes and high speed chases. It's not very interesting or funny...A team that made so many other enjoyable films really slipped up on this one. It wasn't awful, but a LOT of the jokes didn't work and felt awkward. This was around the point where Pryor's films had a big downfall, and it really shows. Skip this one and maybe watch Stir Crazy.

Jeje W (ag) wrote: God, Quentin Tarantino, you still got it. This movie is so great. I just watched it and I loved it. I'll get my one complaint out of the way. This movie is so long. It is about three hours long and it shows so they try to shoehorn in these shots that last for a very long time. There is a shot of darkness, complete darkness, that lasts for roughly 20 seconds. Other than that, this movie floored. Samuel L. Jackson gives his best performance since Pulp Fiction. Actually, everyone gives a great performance. This movie is masterfully shot with near perfect editing and I had a great time looking at it. I wish all movies looked this way. This movie is super violent. It takes a while and it makes you wonder if there will be any over the top violence, but it comes and it comes hard. The story is also just great. It starts off like "This is totally gonna be a retelling of Django Unchained" but it turns around and becomes a Who Murdered Who story that is freaking amazing. Tarantino does a great job at not using many sets to create a visually entertaining and surprisingly funny movie and I'm giving it a 9.5/10.