Two desperate con men attempt to blackmail a psychotic doctor who may just be a serial killer.

Two desperate con men attempt to blackmail a psychotic doctor who may just be a serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy R (gb) wrote: The acting is superb, Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis are both excellent. But there is something kind of weird about this film. It just doesn't seem to flow very well. At times it is hard to understand why the characters are doing certain things, who they are talking to or why they are going somewhere.

Stephanie P (mx) wrote: I don't usually pick up documentaries to watch. But I had seen New York Doll and loved it. I used to do speech and debate in high school... and knew Resolved would be fascinating. It did not disappoint. I wasn't involved in "spread" type debates... I loved Oratory... and dabbled in a few Lincoln/Douglas debates. This was totally entertaining, quirky and brilliant. I was rooting for the Long Beach boys - but like one of the judges... the chip on the shoulder became a hindrance.Anyone who has ever been involved in school speech/debate...will recognize the classrooms... the pressure, the research... LOVE IT! Go watch it tonight!

Javier d (us) wrote: I jus saw the movie on cable, and i wonder about the review and find out rotten tomates did fresh this movie, really the movie great !!

Cedric L (jp) wrote: Not as bad as people say it is.

Alexandwe G (kr) wrote: Un film tragiquement drle , tellement critiqu qu'il en est devenu incontournable ... une perle comme on en fait plus ..

wedstarfish 8 (es) wrote: Batman Forever stands as the fourth installment in the "Batman" movie franchise and the first MAJOR letdown for Batman films, mainly because Tim Burton has left as director. After this, the franchise took the worst direction it could have possibly took. At least this one was some what watchable.Batman Forever centers around Batman, who is being hunted down by The Riddler and Two Face, who easily want to mess with him in the most deadliest way as possible. One thing I loathed about this film was how absolutely absurd it was. It basically made Batman as a whole, look like a complete joke. And that's not good. At all.Honestly, this film killed the franchise for a long time. Not for forever, but for a long time.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Corporate executive has her life turned upside down when she is given guardianship over a distant relative's young daughter. Standard situations ensue in the adjustments to motherhood and the eventual discovery that self-worth may not only be measurable by income and status. Critics loved it of course but it's not very funny and entirely predictable.

Jason R (ca) wrote: I'm not much of a skateboarding enthusiast, but this movie has three things going for it that made it worthwile for me: 1. A very pre-No Country For Old Men Josh Brolin showing off some moderate skateboard skills that I would not have expected him to possess. 2. Musical performances by The Circle Jerks and Red Hot Chili Peppers when they were still relatively good. 3. I have this 7" split with Brainworms and The Catalyst, and on the Catalyst side one of the songs is preceded by an absolutely laughable snippet of dialogue from this movie. "Be there!" "No, YOU be there!"

Mandy W (ca) wrote: I HATED IT!!! The extra star is for when the two girls get their own surfboard and show up the misogynist pricks.

Todd S (au) wrote: I only saw this just recently and can't believe I never saw this growing up. Easily now one of my favorite movies and without a doubt the finest racing movie ever made. The story behind the making of this movie and Steve McQueen is as interesting as the movie itself. This work of art was way ahead of it's time. Highly recommended.

Michael J (es) wrote: a stunning example of how good art can find the relationship between beauty and reality with mesmerising and sometimes devastating effect - the images are unsensationalised and without any further comment - perhaps we all should know how we get our daily bread... next line: "forgive our trespasses"

Weul S (nl) wrote: Bogie and some dimwit gangsters try to get to Africa for uranium smuggling in this comedic adventure which is neither funny nor exciting.