Blackwater Valley Exorcism

Blackwater Valley Exorcism

Disturbed Isabelle is locked in a fierce battle with a vicious demon that's hell-bent on owning her soul

Emotionally disturbed Isabelle is locked in a fierce battle with a vicious demon that's hell-bent on owning her soul. Desperate to bring her back from the tangle of evil, her family calls ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared M (nl) wrote: pretty boring. a couple laughs.

Patric C (ca) wrote: Who knew steam punk vampires could be so dull? One-dimensional characters & a plot that spoon-feeds you everything make for one pf the worst vampire films of the last 10 years.

yunira b (ru) wrote: this is a good movie if you eat some "TAKIS" with the movie

Cameron F (jp) wrote: Lynch strikes gold with this psychological thriller about a man who returns home to care for his sick father and is intrigued by a mysterious ear he finds.

Georgina W (fr) wrote: A often forgotten classic. Quality dialogue - "Rest in the arms of the dragon." and "Any man who would be a knight and follow a King, then follow me!" Nice to see Urien and other knights in the scenes too. Superb early perfomances by Gabriel Byrne, Patrick Stewart, Nigel Terry, Helen Mirren, Cherie Lunghi, Liam Neeson, Clive Swift and the late Nicol Williamson as Merlin (in real life Williamson and Mirren disliked each other!). In my opinion he plays the best on screen Merlin and well worth watching.

Zoran S (es) wrote: Watching a scope film in pan and scan on vhs is a no-no but my Lon Chaney fandom could not be deterred by waiting for a dvd. I mean it's a conventional bio-pic, but it's about Lon Chaney and James Cagney plays him. The recreations of some of his best roles is a pleasure to watch.

Jason H (ru) wrote: Gary Cooper can't act and ruins this film. This is a really great American novel and it could have been much better.

Ann D (es) wrote: A superb French thriller where the highway plays a vital role in developing the movie's tense atmosphere.