The life and times of sailor and adventurer Sir Peter Blake, one of New Zealand's favourite sons.

The life and times of sailor and adventurer Sir Peter Blake, one of New Zealand's favourite sons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan M (fr) wrote: "I Love You, Man" is a fresh and funny take on overused buddy/romantic comedy formulas.

Jamie B (mx) wrote: Pretty much agree with the other reviews on here. Started out really promosing. Watchable writing, acting, storyline and characters. Swain put in a decent effort with what she was given and has always been a favourite of mine. Shame she keeps pulling such B grade crap. By last 20 minutes I was over it but forced myself to watch through but since I took my mind away from the tv one too many times, I missed too much and have walked away still puzzled by the ending and the movies "meaning" (or if there even was one). I recommend if you do decide to pick this up, don't. Save yourself the pain and scope out earlier Swain flicks.

Kevin M (ca) wrote: This movie is additional proof that critics are emotionally stunted beings and are deserving of our pity. They don't like sentiment, despite sentiment being the basis of many of the greatest works of our species. Is the Taj Mahal no less beautiful because it was built out of sentiment? This is a lush and marvelous film on many levels; visually, spiritually, and in terms of the wonderful performances. This is not just a movie to see, it is a film to study and contemplate. It is an homage to life, love, and courage.

Shuug M (nl) wrote: Good movie but the circumstances will bring you to tears

Jacob G (es) wrote: An otherwise droll "exotic world at the center of the earth" tale is made extremely entertaining and almost amazing due to Peter Cushing's hilarious role as Dr. Perry. The movie moves at a nice clip, and even the cliche romance has some nice deviations from the formula.Wouldn't recommend for a serious movie night, but would be good for some rofls with friends.

Kenneth L (ag) wrote: This is a very good film noir with a really memorable central character. It's got all the familiar elements of classic noir - money, guns, and a femme fatale - and it even references Double Indemnity a couple of times. It's the kind of movie James M. Cain might have been proud of.An icy woman and her husband pull off a $700,000 drug deal, but then she immediately runs off with the money. While he tries to track her down, she starts an affair with a poor sap in a small town, and plans to use him in ways that aren't immediately apparent. The story does bear some similarity to Double Indemnity, but the main character here is actually even fiercer than Barbara Stanwyck's in the classic film.Linda Fiorentino gives a remarkably good, intense performance as one of the most fatale femmes around. She's an absolutely relentless character. She seems to transcend normal evil and become this kind of Nietzschean uber-femme, who simply laughs at any notion of morality and imposes her will in everyone around her. The way the screenplay arranges all of her various manipulations is pretty great. I haven't seen Fiorentino in too many other memorable roles, which is a shame, because she seems to be a truly great actress in this role. Bill Pullman is good as her husband, and proves that he can do nasty characters despite his nice-guy image. Peter Berg is convincing as the pitiful, gullible object of her titular last seduction.Visually, the movie is pretty average for its time. It has an unfortunately cheesy jazzy soundtrack that hasn't aged well and today makes the film feel too much like a comedy. Director John Dahl made this film and another good neonoir called Red Rock West around the same time, but since then he's mostly directed a couple of okay movies and some good TV episodes (including episodes of Dexter). Somehow he never became a very big name, which is too bad, because he is good at making these twisty thrillers with great villains.

Maksim B (jp) wrote: Terribly poor, badly directed and quite boring, Misconduct is a painful to see corporate-legal thriller. Messy beyond all expectations this is almost a shameless attempt to borrow the script of the 1990's classic starring Harrison Ford Presumed Innocent. Ben (Josh Duhamel) is a young and ambitious lawyer whose marriage issues do not stop him from picking up a potential big case that would put him in the middle of an old fight between the CEO of a huge pharmaceutical company (sir Anthony Hopkins) and the senior partner of his legal firm (Al Pacino). While digging up in the information, Ben gets unwillingly involved in a sort of deadly love triangle in which he becomes the primary suspect and the most wanted in New Orleans. In order to prove his innocence he has to uncover the whole truth and that will have certain consequences for all involved.Described like that, the story does not seem so bad, but unfortunately it is so messy, so boring and so ridiculously inconsistent with its attempt to develop multiple sub-plot lines, that one would be simply annoyed with the movie. Pacing is sloppy, camera work is far from being at satisfying level, too many elements are brought together in a something that resembles a total mess. Actually, at one point I was asking myself how it was possible for director Shintaro Shimosawa to create such a disastrously bad movie. Especially with the presence of two of the most acclaimed Hollywood heavyweights such as Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino. Usually they are so good that they could bring a movie from being bad to at least mediocre (or even sometimes passable), but this time even their presence cannot help Misconduct. That leads to another logical question of: how come that these two great actors accepted to start in this terrible movie? Indeed, both of them deliver several typical Anthony Hopkins or Al Pacino scenes, but this is definitely not enough to make the movie better.In conclusion, my advice about Misconduct could be summarized in five words: do not waste your time.