This movie tells the story of the latter years of Earl Long, a flamboyant governor of Louisiana. The aging Earl, an unapologetic habitue of strip joints, falls in love with young stripper Blaze Starr. When Earl and Blaze move in together, Earl's opponents use this to attack his controversial political program, which included civil rights for blacks in the 1950's.

This movie tells the story of the latter years of Earl Long, a flamboyant governor of Louisiana. The aging Earl, an unapologetic habitue of strip joints, falls in love with young stripper ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xavier C (ru) wrote: I felt like it had a lot of potential, but it's just... not quite it. The story could be made more interesting, I found Chester extremely annoying and the chemistry between Rydal and Collete practically didn't exist. It's a light movie for evenings when you just want to chill out and don't really care about the plot of the movie you're watching, you just want to lazily look at nice things and still get what's going on.

Alvin Y (jp) wrote: Is this Four Brothers or Four bandits? Then later in the film it became three then two, I don't know. A typical decent revenge flick that has been saved by its cast. This is also from the director of Boyz in the Hood.

Katrina R (kr) wrote: this just has to be one of the movies of all time

Sarah L (ru) wrote: Not the most exciting movie, but I really appreciate the story it tells (with minimal dialogue). Schulze is so enduring. If only I could get him in rainbow suspenders....

ers (au) wrote: 4den 4.5...solino kasabasinda 2erkek cocuklu italyan ailesi,babanin alismasi iin almanya ya gcorlar..gititkleri yerde isleri begenmior baba ve ewin karsisindaki bos restorani kiralayip italyan restorani yapiolar ismi solino olan.. erkek cocuklarnin hikayesi aslinda,kk olan akilli byk olan kge yari zenti yari kiskanma ile birlikte byklk taslior kk yastan beri,sarisin hatun war almanyada ilk gnden beri grtdkleri,ikisi de asik aslinda,bi gn baba ile tartisip ayri ewe cikiolar bydkleri zaman... hatun kk oglana asik yane gigi ye... byk oglan yine hatunu istior,ama kkle sewqgili oluolar derken,babasi annesini aldatior cocuklarin,bu arada kadin lsemi oldugu ortaya cikior ve solino ya memlketine dnmek istior yillardir oldugu gibi, gigi annesini brakamior tabee ki ve gidio,sonra oradan absiini arior gel die ama gelemior,sonra giig gidiro almanya ya,sarisin hatunla abisini ayni yatakta basior vs.. bu arada gigi nin yaptigi f,ilm dl alior almanya da ,abisi onun adinin kulanarak dl sahiplenior,gazeteye poz werior vs.. gigi memlkete dnor solino ya,orada kkken biraktigi yawuklusu ada war.. onunla yakinlasior vs derken aradan yine 10yil gecior ,gigi nin dgn war,abisi gelior ,babasi gelemior yine ama o da gelmek istior ama gelemior (bu da ilginc bi durum)..sonra le bi dram,bi komedi,bi macera,bi dgn , bi mutluluk filan bisiler..iyi film sayilir,aslinda 4.5 cok oldu ama begendim hikiayeyi..ana ilekes akdeniz annesii, 2 erkek cocuk,en sonunda cocuk filmini solino da gsterior sonra abisine sarilior vs film bitior orada...

Jinxee G (us) wrote: It was a good movie. I watched it on video. Greg Kinnear was adorable!

Jon S (jp) wrote: Yes, I actually saw this. With Billy Blanks, Matthias Hues, and half the Chinese cast of Big Trouble In Little China, how could you go wrong? Well, you could... EASILY! You really need be in the right state of mind before you watch this stinker. I guess I was, hence the 2 1/2 star rating.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Kusturica is one insane and obsessive genius. His visionary talent provided a giant, epic and complete work of art with brilliant metaphysical tendencies and challenging viewing standards, very defying by the time. No words can describe its universality: just challenge yourself, throw yourself in and be totally absorbed.98/100

Kim P (mx) wrote: A amazing film. Sinatra really had the character down pat. Found the solution to the crime a little confusing, but that's nothing a few repeated viewings won't fix. Raquel Welch, while not in her best performance, looks stunning. And Richard Conte is as always amazing.

sloopy c (de) wrote: Once again Hollywood (old Hollywood in this case) enjoys crushing my romantic tendencies for a truly happy ending. Give me the cliche, at least in romantic dramas. Give me the kiss, give me the 'falling in love' moments. Sigh. Other than that disappointment it was rather good. I had never seen Robert Mitchum and I might have to become a fan. I don't agree with the majority of opinions that the performances were "amazing." I would say they were gratifying and captivating in some moments.

Jack P (kr) wrote: A suspenseful thriller film involving a psychotic killer trucker. An entertaining film that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Contained many elements to piece this together and make a great thriller film.

Jacob B (br) wrote: Overstuffed with too many stories, really? I know you Americans have slightly different tastes than those bloody Brits but come on. This film is a Christmas classic which ought to please older teens and adults what with the R-rating and all. And it's all thanks to the charming cast with the Bill Nighy and Liam Neeson stories being those that truly stand out and a great mixtures of laughs and touching poignant drama.

Tony D (de) wrote: In which Universe is Kirsten Stewart supposed to be more beautiful than Charlize Theron?

Kim B (ru) wrote: Starts off very slow and boring. Picks up as it goes along with drama and plotting. The dog is quite wonderful as a side character and i liked how they played with sound in a dream. Thats just it this movie has some charms and quirks but just missed the mark on the whole. i find this movie overrated and quite honestly too copy cattish. I know this movie is an ode to silent films but it didn't really add much in terms of originality. It borrows heavily from sunset blvd, singing in the rain, and a star is born. Also most silent films have more dialogue or action than this movie-too bland.

Chris D (fr) wrote: Pretty weak script at times and a lot of slow-moving plot, but there are a lot of awesome scenes.