Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse

Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse

"Hell" is the place where a person is sent to who committed violent crimes when they were alive. Shinigami are forbidden to go there. One day prisoners revolt and make their escape to ...

"Hell" is the place where a person is sent to who committed violent crimes when they were alive. Shinigami are forbidden to go there. One day prisoners revolt and make their escape to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse torrent reviews

Shawn L (ag) wrote: It was okay. I actually thought it could have been a lot better. Mid movie I was feeling like it was a little dragging

Tanguy D (nl) wrote: Hilarant, tres touchant et toujours juste. Un vrai prodige, ce film !

Geronimo G (mx) wrote: This movie will catch you from begining to end.

Tron D (ag) wrote: : Neo-noir crime and revenge story that won Best Film at FANTASTICFEST this year. A young introvert moves to the city to finish the great American novel when a simple case of mistaken identity leaves him broken, disfigured and out for revenge. Add some quirky hit men, a Mad Dog killer, heaps of violence and femme fatales and you have one hell of a crime story.

Leonard D (us) wrote: Why would you waste your time on this!?

Luis Diego R (fr) wrote: Colle is the personification of a movement against African traditions that were never contradicted but are harmful to a certain group of people. It also tackles themes such as male-oppression and domination against women, and the battle between traditions and new technologies and ideals. A very powerful film.

Darryl T (fr) wrote: I'm a dude and I love it :)

Anette D (gb) wrote: If you want to learn about life in the Swedish countryside, this is a fun way!

Carlos S (fr) wrote: The despair and complex facts of life are together to make a very good movie.

Jason S (us) wrote: its a good basketball movie

Andrew H (it) wrote: Begnigni saves this completely.

Joe A (ca) wrote: A priest hangs himself, a seance goes tragically wrong and the dead rise... all in the first 5 minutes of another gory and disturbing horror from Italian maestro of terror, Luci Fulci. Fulci's trademark spooky visuals, as photographed by frequent collaborator Sergio Salvati, and trademark gore fills this story of a small town priest's suicide that opens the gates of Hell. Now a reporter (Christopher George) and a psychic(Catriona MacColl) must travel to a remote New England town to close Hell's gates before the evil ripping the town apart spreads to the rest of the world. As usual this Fulci flick is loaded with atmosphere, gruesome gore, (such as a drill through the head and a woman vomiting up her own entrails) and zombies. Not quite up to the standards of his Zombie and The Beyond but, a gory, creepy Italian horror none the less! Originally released in the US as The Gates Of Hell.

Geoffrey T (ag) wrote: Great documentary, amazing performances from the likes of Isaac Hayes, The Staple Singers, and Rufus Thomas. The interviews with the citizens of Watts, the concert, and Richard Pryor's comedic interludes all blend together with ease.

Andy C (fr) wrote: Kind of a tangled web. I'd give it another shot but I don't really have time. Moving on.

Rachel B (gb) wrote: This movie has EVERYTHING! Villains who exploit the indigenous population, every cliche jungle animal, drama, romance, nudity, violence and the patented Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan yell! Plus, Jane's at her most dynamic and fun. Quite possibly the best Tarzan movie and an outstanding pre-Code film.

Roger G (ca) wrote: I can see where some of the now cliche sci-fi characters came from. Amazing that a 1929 silent film can still be gripping. The story hangs in there better than Metropolis.

Michael R (ag) wrote: Love the movie - I have a copy at home

Arik M (es) wrote: The beginning of my love for horror, still my favorite series!!

Randy B (nl) wrote: I'm not quite sure what this says about me, or my taste in film, but I absolutely loved this movie. I was enamored by the characters and voices, and didn't want it to end. So much so, I think I laughed more and louder than the kids in the theatre.

Eliane B (jp) wrote: I was hoping for some witty UK action movie reminiscent of Guy Ritchie flicks but instead got this horrible indie flick with absolutely no plot or character development whatsoever. Didn't make it past the first 30 minutes - one of the worst movies I've ever seen.